Friday, August 10, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Blogfest, Contest Voting Ends Soon, and Book Festival Resources

I am participating in Jeremy Bates' Dog Days of Summer blogfest.

1) Describe your favorite summer activity thus far.

Sad to say, I’ve not gotten out much this summer. It’s very hot and humid right now in NC, so going outside for any length of time is torture.

However, I did buy a brand new, fully loaded Hyundai Santa Fe Limited last month. My favorite activity now is cranking the Infinity sound system, turning up the AC, and driving really fast. So if you’re in NC and a red Santa Fe blows your doors off, it’s probably me.

2) What activities do you plan before summer is over?

I was hoping for a trip to an amusement park, but that trip has been delayed until September. Dollywood this time!

3) If you could have the ultimate vacation ever, where and what would it be?

Ultimate vacation would be touring the best theme parks in the world! First on my stop would be PortAdventura in Spain so I can ride the eight-looping Dragon Khan.

Yes, I am a thrill seeker!

Voting ends Saturday for the Supportive Blogger Extraordinaire contest! 

Winner will be announced on Monday.

Looking for a book festival? Here are several festivals and lists:

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Baltimore Book Festival

And your dorky cat photo of the day:

“What do you mean I don’t fit?”


  1. I love your kitty pic. And there is no way you'll ever be able to get me on a wild and crazy ride.


  2. You just go enjoy your roller coasters and I'll keep my feet on the ground, thanks!

  3. Poor baby! Someone put in that box for a photo op. He looks like my Ro when he has to share with the youngest Pain in the butt in his life--4month old Charlie Tango.

    No, I had no idea you loved amusement parks and the thrill of roller coasters and such.

    I've been on a few fun roller coasters but haven't been to an amusement park in...about 5 years. Last time was taking the kid.

    Hope you get your September trip!

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  4. I'm a bit of a wimp about roller coasters. My dream vacation would be a photographic safari in Africa :)

  5. You go girl! I'll watch from the sidelines and keep my stomach intact, thank you very much.

  6. Sia, that dorky cat dove right into that box and got stuck. And I've loved roller coasters for so long now. Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Islands of Adventure are my favorite parks.

  7. I'll look both ways before I cross the street--ha! Enjoy the new car. :)

  8. I'll tell my NC cousin to be on the lookout :)

    Love the cat!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I left my thrill seeking self back in high school. lol. You are brave. =)

  10. My son would love to tag along on your theme park world tours. :)

  11. I used to work at a Six Flags park. Outside of teaching, it was my favorite job. I worked the rides. I hope you enjoy your trip to Dollywood in September!

  12. My cats are always trying to cram themselves into tiny boxes.

    I love rollercoasters, too. I haven't been on one in ages.

  13. I'm not a theme park person. Can't stand the crowds.
    Jermey had a great idea for his blogfest.

  14. Hm, I'll be in NC in September, I must watch the traffic in case you run me over.

  15. Right now I'd settle for decent A/C at home instead of having to go to work to stay cool :)

    I'm in love with the kitty pic.


  16. Sounds like a wild ride. My stomach couldn't even contemplate watching it!

  17. KITTYYY!

    So cute.

    Lots of great stuff going on. I can barely keep up!

  18. I love the idea of themed vacations. The international amusement park trip idea is a great one. I, like many of your readers, am squeamish about roller coasters. The one I really like is Space Mountain - pretty wimpy for a connoisseur I'm sure but somehow it's easier for me when I can't see anything.

  19. Roller coasters scare me witless but good for you for being far braver than I could ever hope to be lol. I like watching others on roller coasters though, knowing my feet are firmly on the ground lol.

  20. I love roller coasters and amusement parks. The only international amusement park I have been to is Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen Denmark. It was very whimsical. Different then amusement parks in the states. Great vacation idea.

  21. Theme parks around the world would be awesome! Hehehe, silly kitty.

  22. Haha--a blazing red Santa Fe :) Love it! I'm not anywhere remotely close to NC, but I do have a couple of friends there. I'll let them know.

    Super fun post, and so glad to have found your blog!

  23. Thank you, Susan.

    M. Pax, I missed my coasters last year.

    Jo, really? What area?

    Sydney, I used to belong to the European Coaster Club and loved their monthly magazine - those parks are so different from ours.

  24. I used to love roller coasters, but now they just scare me :-)

    Happy Dog Days!

  25. Love the cat picture and I'm definitely due for a roller coaster ride myself.
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

  26. Roller coasters and thrill rides are the bomb. Have you ever been to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio? No? You need to make a point to get there some day.

    Why is it that when you buy a cat toy, they ignore it? Then they jump in a bag, in a box, or under the sofa and have a blast. lol

    NC is a great state, and I love it along the coast.

  27. Emerald Isle. We go there often.

  28. Oooo going fast in a shiny new car sounds perfect to me! Have fun!!!

  29. My favorite summer activity has been the visit of my son and his family. Three beautiful grandchildren brightened my summer, in spite of the heat.

    I also bought a Santa Fe a few months ago. It's our second one. We really like it.