Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Big Day...

Many thanks and blessings for the great reviews; the wonderful comments on the cover art; the many requests; and my patient fans...


Driven by Olympic dreams…

To the outside world, Lori Anders has it all. The only child of affluent parents, she is a gifted swimmer with Olympic dreams. Armed with a winning attitude and genuine spirit, Lori appears destined for success.

Yet despite her certainty in the pool, something inhibits Lori from achieving her full potential. Her focus on swimming has left little time for relationships. Lacking in confidence, Lori’s light has few opportunities to shine.

When an altercation with the school bullies brings her to the attention of the star quarterback, Lori finds herself in a unique position. Jason’s affections renew her hope and force the shy swimmer out of her comfort zone. But, will it be enough to achieve her lifelong dream?

Available NOW from Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
$20.95 USA, 6x9 Trade paperback, 368 pages, Fiction/YA
ISBN 978-0-9816210-0-5 / 0-9816210-0-7

“L. Diane Wolfe expertly combines the social interaction between teens and realistic problems that face our teens today for a genuine feel good novel.” - Donna M. McDine, Children's Author & Member SCBWI

Described as “encouragement personified”, Wolfe’s five-book Southern-based series portrays love and friendship overcoming all obstacles. Known as “Spunk On A Stick” to her fans, Wolfe is also a professional speaker. Originally from Oregon, she now resides in North Carolina. “With a positive attitude, any goal can be achieved!”

Read review at Teens Read Too –
Read review at The Bluestocking Guide -
Read review at The American Chronicle –

TheCircleOfFriends.net – http://www.thecircleoffriends.net/id3.html
Amazon -
Barnes & Noble -
DancingLemurPress.com -
Amazon UK -

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lynn Tincher & Afterthoughts

Today’s Feature – One Bubbly & Passionate Author!

I ‘met’ my special guest about a year ago. I can’t pinpoint the date or recall exactly how we met, because Lynn is one of those people I feel I have always known. She is involved in her craft on many levels and I admire her dedication. Lynn was also gracious enough to contribute several quotes to my most recent book. Hopefully our paths will meet in the very near future!

So, without further ado, let me introduce author extraordinaire, Lynn Tincher!

Tantalize us with a little about Afterthoughs!

Afterthoughts is a new kind of psychological thriller. It explores the depths of the mind and its powers and diseases as the main character, Detective Paige Aldridge and her family fall victim to a serial killer. Paige fears she is losing her mind while dealing with three major tragedies in her life. She struggles to find out why while fearing the real truth behind it all. Is everything the result of a mental illness or an elaborate mind game?

What started you on the path of author?

Writing is something I have always enjoyed. I started writing poetry and short stories at an early age. I was lucky enough to receive some recognition for what I had done so that helped fuel the fire. I've always loved the creative side in life and that lead me to pursue the theatre for a while in high school and college. I would love to get back into that at some point. All of this led up to wanting to write a novel. I played with the idea of Afterthoughts and its sequels for years. I finally devoted time out of my life to get it written and life took off from there. I am so excited to be working with Blackwyrm Fiction in the second edition and the upcoming sequels including Left in the Dark.

What are some of your favorite events to attend?

I love all of the events I attend and all for different reasons. I love book fairs because I am surrounded by hundreds of other authors and thousands of readers. I draw encouragement from them all. I also love the smaller book signings because I get to chat with my readers more. One of my favorite events was going to a library and talking to a very small group of brave individuals that came out in some extremely cold weather. It was like a family get together.
Tell us about the Literary Lynnch Pen!

The Literary Lynnch Pen started out as a monthly newsletter about me and my experiences writing. I love to share the experiences that I have had with others and offer tips to help. I wanted to be able to help encourage others at least. I had been fortunate enough in my very early career to have had a few friends pass along my information to others and that lead to meeting some very helpful people. The readership in my newsletter soon reached hundreds of people throughout the world. So, I decided to return the favor. I started featuring other authors and artists with a small article each month. I was amazed to find out how much that helped the people I had featured. My readership then increased closer to the thousands and I had so many wonderful people that wanted to be featured. I then increased the newsletter to a weekly publication to help. I soon decided that I wanted to help in other ways as well. I started working with the Humane Society and the Woodstock Animal Foundation as a media partner to help spread the word for a Pet of the Week in each edition as well as on my website. Now The Literary Lynnch Pen has legs of its own so I pulled my news away from it and started another monthly newsletter just for me. I am very excited to hear each week from all of the readers about how much they enjoy the articles and the pets that are featured. I am also very excited about the other authors that now contribute articles for it. Everything about it has been a positive experience that I am happy to share.

The first thing that comes to mind is 'bubbly & enthusiastic.' How would YOU describe yourself?

Thank you, Diane! That's a tough one. I am a very hard working, big-hearted person with a lot to share. I don't ever claim to be an expert at anything but I like to share my experiences and want to help and encourage others. If I excel at that, then the rest is the icing on the cake. I love what I do and the people in my life. I hope that shows in every thing I do every day. I am constantly learning and growing. That is what life is about after all.

And the last word...?

Please visit all of my sites. If you like what you see, please share it with others. I hope that maybe a story I share reaches some one's heart and then their story can be shared with others out of my reach. If I help one person achieve their hearts desire, then my life is complete.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Independent Bookstores Are Not Dead Yet!

I visited one of my favorite little independent bookstores yesterday.

And while the owner told me business was down, he had good news - they were moving and expanding!

They're just traveling across the street, but it will be a newly remodeled building, they will have several floors, and his new business partner is putting in a coffee shop. The move itself will be a challenge, but he's looking forward to the new place!

He's got three black cats that wander the store and isn't sure how they will handle the move - one might go home instead. Hopefully they will transition well, though. I cannot imagine visiting this store and not seeing the cats. (Or having the smallest one steal Tootsie Rolls from my candy dish!)

So not all of the independents are dying! (And not all of the physical stores are dying.)

Do you have a favorite little store near you? One that's held on through the years? Please share!

Friday, March 27, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Time for the Friday roundup!

Beth Groundwater is excited about her first big review for To Hell In A Handbasket: http://bethgroundwater.blogspot.com/2009/03/first-big-review-for-to-hell-in.html

More discussion on the Orphan Works Bill and why it is NOT GOOD for us writers: http://waltshiel.com/2009/03/26/why-i-care-about-the-orphan-works-bill

Great advice from Allyn Evans on accepting change: http://allynevans.blogspot.com/2009/03/dare-to-accept.html

The Publicity Hound’s newsletter is always full of great ideas: http://www.publicityhound.com/

Facebook is making changes in response to feedback: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/03/25/facebook.changes/index.html

And my little goobers, Rocko & Spunky, were interviewed by Amigo at Pets & Their Authors – it just might go to their heads, too! ttp://petsandauthors.blogspot.com/2009/03/meet-l-diane-wolfes-black-cat-duo-rocko.html

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Character Inspiration!

What inspired your characters? From where did they spring? What keeps you 'in character?'

First a quick plug for my cats - they were interviewed by Mayra's Amigo - Pets & Authors

My YA series, The Circle of Friends, was originally inspired by just a wisp of a dream... I saw Lori and Jason, I knew the setting, I knew she was a swimmer - and it all flowed from that brief moment. Five books from one brief little moment.

What keeps me 'in character' as I write? Everyone has their own method, but for me, music works best. Each main character has their own 'theme' song. It embodies their passions, their emotions, their inner turmoil, and the music helps me to connect with their personality. It's a combination of music and lyrics that brings my characters to life.

Here's the inspiration behind the five main characters:

Book I...Lori -
Lori is a combination of songs. Her spirit emerged from a CD mix of 80's & 90's love songs, and their sweet innocence brought her to life.

Book II...Sarah -
Sarah's inner struggle with self-esteem solidified with Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" She was also my strongest connection, because I was a Sarah... You Tube Video

Book III...James -
The character with the most angst & baggage, James came to life with Stabbing Westward's "What Do I Have To Do?" You Tube Video

Book IV...Mike -
Mike's quiet nature & hidden struggles were best captured by Finger Eleven's "Thousand Mile Wish" & "One Thing." (His character also plays guitar, so I could picture him quietly strumming these tunes...) You Tube Video You Tube Video

Book V...Heather -
Heather was the toughest, as she's a strong, dominant choleric, but she came to life with Stream of Passion's "Passion." You Tube Video

(You Tube videos optional, but these songs may be unknown to you... and you might be curious!)

That is what inspires me as I created the stories surrounding these characters. What inspires you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Author Laura Jensen Walker

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
Turning The Paige Zondervan (March 1, 2009)
Laura Jensen Walker


Laura Jensen Walker is an award-winning writer, popular speaker, and breast-cancer survivor who loves to touch readers and audiences with the healing power of laughter.

Born in Racine, Wisconsin (home of Western Printing and Johnson’s Wax—maker of your favorite floor care products) Laura moved to Phoenix, Arizona when she was in high school. But not being a fan of blazing heat and knowing that Uncle Sam was looking for a few good women, she enlisted in the United States Air Force shortly after graduation and spent the next five years flying a typewriter through Europe.
By the time she was 23, Laura had climbed the Eiffel Tower, trod the steps of the Parthenon, skied (okay, snowplowed) in the Alps, rode in a gondola in Venice, and wept at the ovens of Dachau. She’d also learned how to fold her underwear into equal thirds, make a proper cup of English tea, and repel the amorous advances of a blind date by donning combat gear and a gas mask.
Laura is a former newspaper reporter and columnist with a degree in journalism who has written hundreds of articles on many subjects ranging from emu ranching and pigeon racing to goat-roping and cemetery board meetings. However, realizing that livestock and local government weren’t her passion, she switched to writing humor, which she calls a “total God-thing.”
Her lifelong dream of writing fiction came true in Spring 2005 with the release of her first chick lit novel, Dreaming in Black & White which won the Contemporary Fiction Book of the Year from American Christian Fiction Writers. Her sophomore novel, Dreaming in Technicolor was published in Fall 2005.
Laura’s third novel, Reconstructing Natalie, chosen as the Women of Faith Novel of the Year for 2006, is the funny and poignant story of a young, single woman who gets breast cancer and how her life is reconstructed as a result. This book was born out of Laura’s cancer speaking engagements where she started meeting younger and younger women stricken with this disease—some whose husbands had left them, and others who wondered what breast cancer would do to their dating life. She wanted to write a novel that would give voice to those women. Something real. And honest. And funny.
Because although cancer isn’t funny, humor is healing.
A popular speaker and teacher at writing conferences, Laura has also been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows around the country including the ABC Weekend News, The 700 Club, and The Jay Thomas Morning Show.
Another book in this series is Daring Chloe
She lives in Northern California with her Renaissance-man husband Michael, and Gracie, their piano playing dog


At 35, Paige Kelley is feeling very "in between." She's still working her temp job after two years, still not dating three years after her divorce, and still melting at every chubby-cheeked toddler she sees while her biological clock ticks ever louder. Paige even moves back home to help her ailing, high-maintenance mother.It's not exactly the life she'd dreamed of!

When her Getaway Girls book club members urge Paige to break free and get on with her life, she's afraid. How will her mother react? How can Paige honor her widowed mother and still pursue her own life? The answers come from a surprising source. A trip to Scotland and a potential new love interest help launch an exciting new chapter in her life, and lead Paige to discover that God's plan for her promises to be more than she ever imagined.
This latest release in the Getaway Girls collection delivers a smart, funny, and warm account of one woman's challenge to reconcile who she is - a dutiful Christian daughter - with the woman she longs to be.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Turning The Paige, go HERE

The book link is:

Monday, March 23, 2009

What Were You Before an Author...?

This week - getting to know Spunky & friends...

Before I began writing and speaking and doing all these crazy author things... I was a professional photographer.

I started over twenty years ago working in various professional labs and for a contracting company. I'd taken photos since I was twelve and this rekindled my goal of becoming a professional.

I began first with black and white, setting up my own darkroom at my house. The first couple years I was mostly doing stock photos for Cat Fancy, Pet Product News and Homes Illustrated. Eventually this branched out into portraits and weddings. I shot both B&W and color, but my primary focus was black and white - so few photographers were still offering this service! I was a 'location photographer' and was always on the prowl for unique spots for photo shoots.

Once the prospect of speaking & authorship appeared, I slowly placed photography as a source of income on the back burner. I still occasionally shoot portraits, and I've even done an album cover, but I do not actively seek clients or jobs. My continued involvement in our local photo club over the past few years has sparked my creativity and now I enjoy taking fun, creative shots! My Deviant Art site is full of 'fun' photos and I've since discovered that outside of cats, close-ups are my favorite.

What did YOU do before becoming an author? Any regrets? And do you still do it to this day?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Potpourri

Thank you, Nancy J. Parra! I am a guest today at her blog with an article about "Hitting The Wall." The Writer’s Life

I also want to mention that the site Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast featured the work of a friend of mine, professional photographer, Jacquelynn Buck - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Jackie is an amazing photographer and such an energetic & passionate woman! This is her official site: Jacquelynn Buck

Tonight I'm joining Morgan Mandel on her Blog Talk Radio show!!! 10pm EST - Morgan Mandel’s Books & Blogs

I saw this on another blog, or at least the idea. This next week, I am going to post a couple entries called "Getting to Know Spunky" where I will reveal a few things about myself that one might not know - and entice readers to join in the fun!
So hopefully a few of you out there are game!

And special thanks to J. Aday Kennedy, who posted my interview, book info, and current virtual tour yesterday over at her blog: J. Aday Kennedy: A Writing Playground

Now on to my long to-do list...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

The Ultimate Blog Party 2009 is off and running!

Please visit 5 Minutes For Mom for details- 5 Minutes For Mom

They are giving away a lot of prizes as well, including a copy of Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!

I'd love to win the $50 Target gift card. I can always find something there!

5 Minutes For Mom is not just for mothers - it includes those who love children and all things 'mommy.' While I do not have my own children, I spent several years as a foster parent and mothered many children. That experience taught me many things, and I poured what I learned into my novels as well.

So hop on over and join the fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spunky's Back & Blog Tour

Just returned from my speaking engagement in Greensboro at NCAEOP's Annual Conference. The event was wonderful! Big hugs to the event coordinator, Tammy. Sold a bunch of books and made some new contacts.

Of course, playing catch-up is always fun...

Between this engagement (which was set over a year ago) and a signing tomorrow, won't make it up to the Virginia Festival of the Books. Plan to next year, though. Ironically, there's also a big marketing panel discussion up at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh tomorrow. Add to the confusion (of Greensboro) the NCAA Tournament in full swing at the coliseum, and there was just a lot going on!

Just got word my interview and blog tour listing will be posted at J. Aday Kennedy's site tomorrow - http://jadaykennedy.blogspot.com/ She's really delving into the aspects of virtual tours, so definitely follow her posts the next few weeks. The stops for my YA book also went out yesterday in my newsletter...

So here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And Now For Something a Little Different...

Seeing as it's only Thursday, it's only a little different...

This post is a day early due to a speaking engagement Friday morning. I was invited to give a talk at NCAEOP’s Annual Conference in Greensboro, NC – so think about me during the hours of 9-11am as I speak in front of a crowd of about 1000 people!

Information for writers, authors, publishers – anyone in the industry! Ivan Hoffman is one of the top publishing law lawyers in the country and his site is FULL of information:
Ivan Hoffman

Jane Kennedy Sutton posted a link on her blog to the most beautiful libraries in the world:
Jane Kennedy Sutton

Want to find a book reviewer in your genre? Check out:
Book Connector

Over at Vivian Zabel’s blog, the CPSC and lead law continues to confuse us:
Vivian Zabel

And Prill Boyle featured me today on her blog!
Defying Gravity

The president of the Friends of the Library of Robeson County, NC is seeking one - two more authors for a BIG event on December 5th! If you or someone you know is an established author, particularly in the area of mystery, thrillers, or history, let me know and I will get you her contact info.

And thank you everyone for cheering on my release of “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!” this week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Show Me The Green!

It's not just St. Patrick's Day!

Today is THE day!

And I am happy to announce... "Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!"

New Book’s Simplified Leadership Principles Benefits Those Seeking to Excel in Tough Times
March 17, 2009,– In our struggling economy, the negative impact of a dwindling market has forced many people into survival mode. Professional speaker and author, L. Diane Wolfe, has witnessed this trend in those who attend her seminars. Aware of the need for encouragement, as well as leadership and people skills, Wolfe devised a way to reach those outside of her speaking engagements. The result is “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting.”

Available retail and online – links to order are below.


Break through your barriers with SPUNK!

Are you ready to break through the barriers obstructing your goals and move into a position of leadership? Then do so with SPUNK! Learn the steps required to overcome obstacles and become an effective and dynamic leader. The five Keys guide you through:

Developing a positive attitude
Learning people skills
Raising self-esteem
Overcoming fears
Setting goals

Joined by authors David Ambrose, p.m. terrell, Darlene Wofford, Jocelyn Andersen, Bob Johnson, C. Denise Sutton, and Bill Wilson, Wolfe’s “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting” will energize your passion for life!

$13.95 USA, 6x9 Trade paperback, 176 pages
ISBN 978-0-9816210-2-9 / 0-9816210-2-3

“Diane has given wisdom, understanding and honorable counsel in her book, Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK! Such advice when embraced can not only set one free, but it can also lead to the path of life allowing you to be on your way to reaching your full potential. Let her words stir inspiration in your life.”
- Darien B. Cooper, author of “You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband”

“L. Diane Wolfe has written a terrific leadership book… The book is commended for those who need a devotional style approach to leadership. Who needs this book? Anyone who desires to strengthen their foundational knowledge of leadership.”
- Steven King, MBA, Armchair Interviews – Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites Winner

A professional speaker trained in a top motivation education system, Wolfe helps individuals develop passion, confidence, and an image of success. Her upcoming appearances include NCAEOP's Annual Conference in Greensboro, NC, and "An Ounce of Prevention Health Seminar" in D.C., featuring keynote speaker, Michelle Obama Known as “Spunk On A Stick”, the author resides in North Carolina with her husband and two cats. “With a positive attitude, any goal can be achieved!”

Spunk on a Stick
Barnes & Noble
Amazon UK
Dancing Lemur Press L.L.C.

Fan Review & Current Virtual Stop:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Author DiAnn Mills

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
Breach Of Trust Tyndale House Publishers (February 5, 2009)
DiAnn Mills


Award-winning author, DiAnn Mills, launched her career in 1998 with the publication of her first book. Currently she has over forty books in print and has sold more than a million copies.

DiAnn believes her readers should “Expect an Adventure.” DiAnn Mills is a fiction writer who combines an adventuresome spirit with unforgettable characters to create action-packed novels.
Six of her anthologies have appeared on the CBA Best Seller List. Three of her books have won the distinction of Best Historical of the Year by Heartsong Presents. Five of her books have won placements through American Christian Fiction Writer’s Book of the Year Awards 2003 – 2007, and she is the recipient of the Inspirational Reader’s Choice award for 2005 and 2007. She was a Christy Awards finalist in 2008.
DiAnn is a founding board member for American Christian Fiction Writers, a member of Inspirational Writers Alive, Romance Writers of America’s Faith, Hope and Love, and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. She speaks to various groups and teaches writing workshops around the country. DiAnn is also a mentor for Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild.
She lives in sunny Houston, Texas. DiAnn and her husband have four adult sons and are active members of Metropolitan Baptist Church.


Paige Rogers survived every CIA operative’s worst nightmare.

A covert mission gone terribly wrong.
A betrayal by the one man she thought she could trust.
Forced to disappear to protect the lives of her loved ones, Paige has spent the last several years building a quiet life as a small-town librarian. But the day a stranger comes to town and starts asking questions, Paige knows her careful existence has been shattered.
He is coming after her again. And this time, he intends to silence her for good...
Paige Rogers is a former CIA agent who lost all she treasured seven years ago when her entire team was killed in a covert mission. She blames their leader—Daniel Keary—whom Paige believes betrayed them. Disillusioned and afraid for her life, she disappeared and started a new life as a librarian in small town Split Creek, Oklahoma.
But her growing relationship with high school football coach Miles Laird and the political ambitions of her former boss threaten to unmask her. When Keary announces his candidacy for governor of her state, he comes after Paige to ensure that she won't ruin his bid for office by revealing his past misdeeds. He threatens everything she holds dear, and Paige must choose between the life of hiding that has become her refuge . . . or risking everything in one last, desperate attempt to right old wrongs.
If you would like to read the first chapter of Breach Of Trust, go HERE
The book link is:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roller Coaster Week...

And by roller coaster, I unfortunately do not mean the ones you ride!

This is one area where I greatly envy men - they are so even-keeled when it comes to emotions. It's tougher for women to maintain consistency. Add the fact that I am half Sanguine and half Melancholy, the two emotional personalities, and the challenge doubles!

Friday the 13th was definitely the highlight! I received an incredible review and blurb for an upcoming book and set several speaking engagements. The big one happened quite by accident - a woman in DC who'd done some PR work for me in the past called with an opportunity to be one of only a couple exhibitors at an upcoming health event in the area. I had a question and ended up contacting the president of the organization sponsoring the event - when I mentioned my non-fiction book, she became very excited and asked if I'd be willing to speak for 15 minutes. Would I??? Now, here's the kicker - the keynote speaker is First Lady Michelle Obama!
An Ounce of Prevention Health Seminar
Yes, I'm still in shock...

That high led to a dip this morning with a lackluster review. Bummer. Okay, deep breath, water off a duck's back, it's only one person's opinion. Ten minutes later, I received notification of another review that was very, very positive. Back up again! Tomorrow morning is a big event & pre-sale at my church for my non-fiction book, and Sunday evening at 8pm is a chat through Author & Book Event Center and The Bookhouse - The Bookhouse Chatroom (Everyone here is invited to that!) So it'll likely be another day of ups & downs.

Does anyone else go through this kind of mess? I think I hit every note on the scale in just 24 hours! I guess the biggest blessing is that most of this flies by at such a fast pace, I don't have time to dwell on any of it. (Actually, I think it bothers my husband far more, as he so wants to protect me from any and all bad and knows that he just can't.)

So how do you maintain your cool while riding the roller coaster? What keeps the moments (even the positive ones) from becoming distractions?

Friday, March 13, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Helen Ginger’s site has focused on social networking this week:
Straight From Hel

New group on Face Book – Just Say No To Monthly Paid Facebook!
Just Say No To Monthly Paid Facebook

Some great YA sites & blogs:
Teens Read Too
YA Books Central
Professor Nana
Fireplace Cozy
Reading Rants

The Center for the Book – lists book festivals:
Center for the Book

Find any library:
Web Junction

Find any newspaper:

Find any radio station:
On The Radio

And in World Baseball news, the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic!!
Sports Illustrated

* Look, Marvin! I figured out the links!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Information Overload

The Internet has made a big difference in the amount of information to which we have access. For writers & authors seeking publication or promotional tips, there's plenty out there. But sometimes it can be too much of a good thing!

Just consider some of these sources:

Websites listing publishers & resources.
Online magazines with writing tips.
Sites that list contests and book festivals.
Author websites
Critiquing websites
Yahoo groups and listservs
Websites with marketing tips - and free newsletters
Millions of blogs with tips
Social sites geared toward writers & authors
And Twitter, where everyone provides a link to one of the above!

And so many other resources I failed to mention...

Add to this all of the physical books available, plus book festivals and writer conferences and writer clubs...

Wow... that's a lot of STUFF!

We need to prepare and plan and learn everything possible, but... if I spent all day reading everything available online, I'd never write or promote a thing!

Finding a balance is important. After setting a goal. it's easy to get sucked into the how-to stage and never move past that point. It's also tempting to just skip all that and go for it. Neither plan is productive!

So how do you balance learning and producing? How do you cope with information overload?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Author Diana Wallis Taylor

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
Journey To The Well Revell (March 1, 2009)
Diana Wallis Taylor


Diana Wallis Taylor, San Diego resident, is an award-winning Christian author and speaker who shares her personal testimony to women’s groups. The Lord gave Diana a desire to write a book about the woman of Samaria who encountered Jesus at Jacob’s Well. It was at the edge of the well where the woman of Samaria found the living water of Jesus.
A native Californian, Diana Wallis Taylor graduated from San Diego State University. She has had many occupations; elementary and junior high school teacher, bookshop owner, and conference director for a Christian college. A poet since the age of 12, she published a book of poems,
Wings Of The Wind, in 1994, now republished with watercolor illustrations in 2006. She has received awards in songwriting and poetry and her writing contributions appear in various books and magazines. The author speaks on the woman at the well in conjunction with her own testimony. She also speaks on A Walk in the Darkness, on her family involvement in the occult and how it affected her life.
Diana lives with her husband Frank in San Diego, California and between them they have six grown children and ten grandchildren. In addition to her speaking and writing, she serves on the board of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild and is active in Christian Women’s Fellowship.


She went to the well for water. What she found there would change her life forever.
Marah is a young girl in love with her childhood friend, Jesse. When she is forced to marry an older man, she must abandon her dreams of happiness. At the mercy of men who are often only interested in using her, Marah must fight for survival. Will she ever meet a man who can save her?
The story of the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well is one of hope, redemption, and a life changed in an instant through a remarkable encounter. Jesus told her "everything she'd ever done," but we are left to wonder at the circumstances that led her life on such a tragic path to begin with. Now from the creative mind of Diana Wallis Taylor comes the full story of the woman at the well.
This well-researched portrayal of a woman's life in the time of Jesus opens a window into a fascinating world. Taylor's rich descriptions of the landscapes, lifestyles, and rituals mesh easily with the emotional and very personal story of one woman who desperately seeks to rise above the difficult circumstances of her life.

If you would like to read the first chapter of
Journey To The Well, click HERE
The book link is:

Monday, March 09, 2009

My Mentor, My Friend, p.m. terrell

We meet so many wonderful people during life's journey...

I met Trish a couple years ago through the Internet. I stumbled upon a website featuring her book, Take the Mystery out of Promoting Your Book. Upon noticing that the site accepted outside material, I emailed the webmaster and aksed if I could submit my Road Warrior essay. A nice person named Trish responded and I sent my article.

I joke that I used to be a blonde. Well, it took two months and several emails with this lovely person before the truth hit me - I was conversing directly with author p.m. terrell!

She invited me to come hear her speak at the Robeson County Library in Lumberton, NC, where I finally got to meet Trish in person. (She is also president of the Friends of the Library for Robeson County.)

I also discovered Trish is a co-founder of the Book 'Em Foundation and she put me in contact with the other co-founder, Mark Kearney, and encouraged me to attend the event in 2007. That year I had a solo talk and was on a panel discussion with Catherine Coulter and Ellen Hopkins, and this past year, I was also able to participate in a panel discussion and a new solo talk. My first appearance really kicked off my school visits as well.

Trish has led me to many other events as well, both in N. Carolina and S. Carolina. She also arranged a visit to the Robeson County Library last year (this is one library that does visits right, too) and I'll be visiting again next year. Most important, Trish was kind enough to contribute a chapter to my upcoming book, "Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!" and it is currently featured on her website.

While all of these opportunities are incredible and I am forever in her debt, that is not what I value most about Trish.

We all aspire to be that person that everyone loves, who possesses charisma and charm and touches everyone with his or her presence.

Trish is that very person!

I have met some big-name authors, many who were media-trained by professionals, but none hold a candle to Trish. She is the most genuine and encouraging person I have ever known! I cannot picture Trish with anything but a smile on her face. She's positive, upbeat, and possesses the most youthful spirit. Trish is so giving of her time, and I am so grateful she took a few moments to encourage a young author in need of guidance. I've tried to repay her kindness by buying her books for family & friends and mentioning her at every seminar I give, but it cannot equal what Trish has done for my life...

So thank you, Trish! You are a dear friend and an incredible example of the beauty of the human spirit. Hopefully one day I can pass along to another new author the gift you so freely gave to me...

Please visit Trish at her website: pmterrell
And visit the Book 'Em site: Book ‘Em Foundation

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Broken Vessel, Angie Breidenbach

Occasionally during our journey, we meet someone possessing the same spirit of God. That person causes us to pause and reflect, and we quickly realize he or she was placed in our path for a reason. We remember that God places angels among us when we need them the most!

Today I'd like to introduce to you one of those people, Angie Breidenbach...

Please tell us about your first two books and their inspiration.

Actually, my first two books are contest winners but not published. They are both women's inspirational fiction. The second is the better book and I set it aside because the inspiration was my own mother. She was mentally ill and I was her Full Legal Guardian. She passed away as I wrote it March 1st, 2007 and I just had to put it aside to grieve.

It won the 2007 Touched By Love First Place Contemporary and has several requests from publishers. I'm finally to a point that I think I'm ready to work on it again. My heroine's journey is loosely based on my search for my own mother when she disappeared in Denver. I had such a fear of finding my mom dead in an alley that I jumped on a plane with no luggage and rented a car when I got there. I actually went street by street and then found her in the most surprising of places.

Tell us about your next book, Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom:

This book has my heart and the hearts of those I interviewed in it. There are so many things we learn in life because of overcoming challenges. Too often people see those challenges as negative pirates stealing their treasure of peace. In reality, we defeat our pirates and claim our treasured gems of wisdom. Each chapter chooses a negative pirate for us to battle and each battle ends in claiming a different gem of wisdom.

The gems are worn as tactile memory anchors like God used gemstones on Aaron's priestly garments to remind Aaron of the people he represented in Exodus 28. I'm working on a jewelry line to complement the book with Pamba Toto (a company that uses fair trade beads, gems and silver from third world women to support two orphanages in Kenya.) Every piece is a set of prayer beads intended to help the wearer focus on the wisdom and meaning God has in the experiences He allows in their life.

In working with Pamba Toto to fairly purchase handiwork of women to support their families and then Pamba Toto's profits support the orphans in Kenya, I feel like the braids of a strong cord come together with such meaningful depth, humanity and value.

I know more authors from Montana! Is it something in the air or water?

Oh yes! It's all that wonderful fresh big sky air that fuels our imaginations. Seriously, there are quite a few people who love to write up here. I think it is a very compelling place with vivid living characters :-D

You hold the title of Mrs. Missoula 2008 – what was involved to win that honor? And tell us about the Jadyn Fred Foundation.

The Mrs. Missoula 2008 title is part of the Mrs. America organization. I was really excited to represent this title because I had the opportunity to help promote brain donations for the Brain Bank at Harvard's MacLean Hospital. That led to being invited to be a spokesperson for the Missoula Aging Services RSVP (a volunteer project that matches senior citizens to hundreds of community service needs all over our county) and the Jadyn Fred Foundation through speaking and at charity events.

Volunteerism and community service are things I am passionate about and Mrs. Missoula 2008 and now Mrs. Elite Ambassador 2009 1st Runner-Up are amazing opportunities to share that passion. I hope I can be an example to encourage others to passionately give of themselves through community service.

The Jadyn Fred Foundation
Jadyn Fred is very close to my heart. Jadyn died from a rare form of cancer in 2000. Her family was able to meet the financial needs but ached for the families in Montana that they met on their treatment journey with Jadyn. There are many families who cannot afford to get their child to the hospital because the costs are so high that it leaves them without food or gas money, some that had to leave the child in the hospital way over in Seattle while they worked in Montana to pay for the treatments (and the little one lay there alone) and some parents that slept in the car in order to stay with their baby because they could not afford a motel during the treatments.

The Fred family thought they might be able to help where insurance fell short. So they started the Jadyn Fred Foundation to meet these needs. Doctors and nurses fill out the proper forms for the non-profit foundation and send them in for the family. Then the family can be assisted once a year up to $1300 to meet needs that insurance won't cover. So far, we've been able to help 141 families with gas money, motels and even groceries when their own funds have been depleted. It's helped babies have a mommy or daddy present when they would have been alone or for the rest of the family to have groceries.

You used to be the president of your local Toastmasters. What led you into the area of speaking?

I was asked to lead a drama class for Sunday school teachers several years ago. It went really well and I just loved doing it. I started looking for ways to learn how to speak publicly. One of my good friends invited me to the Shootin' The Bull Toastmaster club at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. I had so much fun I just kept going! I found out that I had a gifting in public speaking and that I could make a difference helping others that way.

You speak on so many topics – and you sing, too! How did you get involved on so many different levels?

I began singing and performing on stage as a little girl. That led to musicals and now as an adult, I'm an Assistant Minister for our church. That means I am a liturgist (or for some non-liturgical folks, a worship leader.) I truly love singing, speaking and praying with and for people. I think God has continually led me into His path because it is more His plan and so it has become mine. I am most fulfilled when I am doing these things. He put it in my DNA :-) I can't NOT do them and be me. (When you keep getting confirmation through feedback, you feel led to do something and you have the ability--you are on the right track. Keep going and it will build naturally.)

You write for many blogs… tell us about them!

Each of these blogs has built from another. I took classes online to learn to blog from ACFW! I started my first and personal blog called
God Uses Broken Vessels from that class. (By the way, American Christian Fiction Writer members get online classes for free! Just go to ACFW to join.) My blog is focused on relationships, goals and personal growth for anyone who comes to visit. I also enjoy promoting Inspirational writers regularly.

Then because I had been to the ACFW conference, I met 5 new author friends. We all began chatting online and on the phone and along came
Writing By Faith a.k.a The Faith Girls. We each write one day a week and have a Sunday Free For All. We have 6 different authors, 6 different genres and 1 Great God.

After the next year's conference, I was invited to be a part of
Writers Rest as one of about a dozen authors. This blog is meant to uplift the writer's soul and uplift the reader.

From where did “God Uses Broken Vessels” originate?

I am a broken vessel. It's how God uses all those pieces of me as I've received His help, comfort and gems of wisdom. What I've been given, I choose to share. I find purpose in the trials by helping others through theirs.

This concept comes straight from 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5. "Praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Father is a merciful God, who always gives us comfort. He comforts us when we are in trouble, so that we can share that same comfort with others in trouble. We share in the terrible sufferings of Christ, but also in the wonderful comfort he gives." CEV These verses "clicked" with me that troubles have purpose. Then I read Romans 8: 26-28, my life verses. (NIV)

"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will. 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

For so long I saw myself as broken and useless. My mother was mentally ill and my step-dad was an alcoholic. I made all the worst relationship choices. What did I have to give? Then as I fought up and over those mountainous problems, I read those verses. God kept providing a hand, a shoulder, a word of wisdom and I kept climbing. I had something to give because ALL things God works for good, not SOME things. As I climb, I can now reach back and offer a hand to another climber over a tough precipice.

When I started mentoring young women as a Stephen Minister, I saw the same hurt hearts. I began sharing how I'd overcome some of my hurts, all those things that I thought had broken me actually helped the people I worked with too. I could show someone else how to overcome and how to make life better for their families. I could show them which handholds and which rocks to set their feet on that mountain.

From your posts, I sense you are a proud mother! Tell us something special about your family.

We have a combined family of six. Three girls and three boys--all grown now. I'm excited to have my first grandson too. My husband and I agreed when we were married that our kids would be aware of the whole world through experiencing it. We've made it a family priority to travel widely. It is important to us that we make a difference and leave this world a better place. I guess you could think of it as a hybrid of going camping. Always leave it better than before you were there. I think that's something God's put on our hearts.

Sometimes we don’t grasp our calling right away. When did you realize that speaking & writing were your tools for spreading God’s Word?

I think it's so important not to put stock in a moment of decision but in the process of the journey. I heard God's calling as an 11 year old when I won my first writing contest. I grew up had a family, made lots of mistakes and kept trying to figure it all out myself. When kiddos number 2 and 3 took off for college, I honestly fell apart. I began searching for me before kiddos 4, 5 and 6 left. I thought there might be nothing left of me.

That's where God found me, lost in a state of tears. I began looking for that dream I'd left behind in childhood. What had I always wanted to do? Who did I want to be?

I began reading books about writing and I found the Idaho Writer's League that led to RWA and then ACFW. I took online classes and have now attended 5 major writing conferences. Each class, each conference, each word I wrote confirmed what God had put inside me-the heart of a writer and speaker. I'm continuing my growth as a volunteer for ACFW as the new publicity officer. It helps me to offer my abilities and I learn as I volunteer. A beautiful chance for any writer.

My children are grown. I've entered a new aspect of my life. I've uncovered the me I buried instead of celebrated. Now I celebrate by helping others find themselves one step at a time. No journey is through a time warp. A journey is taken one step of personal growth at a time. My journey will not end until I can hear those words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." I want to look back and feel I have lived my life to the fullest of His plan because then I know it will be the best life I could have lived.

What is next for Angie?

My goal right now is to braid several strands of one huge dream into a strong cord like I'm doing with the Gems of Wisdom line of jewelry. I'm going to be certified this year as a Life Coach and specialize in coaching people to find the gems of wisdom in their lives. I want to teach confidence, strengthen relationships and how to unlock your own life purpose and then to teach them to pass it on.

My plan is to add more teaching through a series of books that plait my writing, speaking, life coaching into one encouraging support system called Gems of Wisdom. I'm working on weaving it all together this year with my inspirational non-fiction Insanity Rules: Gems of Wisdom book as the first strand. I believe I will do other things, sure, but I would like this to stand as a way for people to gain personal growth for years by learning from not only me but all the people I interview. Years of experience gleaned from countless others passed on to anyone who wants to gain their own gems of wisdom to pass it on to someone else. Yes, that's my dream.

What's yours? Please share with your comments.

And the last word… ?

All those things that go wrong are exactly those things will bless you to bless others because of what you have learned. Know that you are not the only person on earth to ever go through that pain. If you are in it right now, absorb everything you can from it. Soak up every drop. Someone is going to need to lean on your experience. When you can think past your own hurt to someone else, you can begin to value those things you would have missed otherwise because God uses ALL things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

What are your gems of wisdom and who can you pass them on to?

I'm grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to share my dreams with you today.Thank you,Angie Breidenbach-- ACFW Publicity Officer

Angie's blogs:
God Uses Broken Vessels
Writing By Faith
Writers Rest
Montana Romance Writers

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Interview: Read an E-Book Week Founder, Rita Toews

Please welcome today Read an E-Book Week founder, Rita Toews!

She’s VERY excited about next week and the growth of E-books. In addition to founding this event and running the website – Read an E-Book Week - Rita is also an author. So she has a lot going on in her life!

So I thank her for answering a few questions for me…

Read an E-Book Week! Give us some details about this event!

Read an E-Book Week is an officially recognized week dedicated to informing the public about the pleasures and benefits of e-books and electronic reading in all its forms. Anyone with an interest in the industry has the opportunity to promote their particular area of expertise through the website, and/or any other event they wish to hold under the banner of Read an E-Book Week. A promotional event may include making arrangements for a segment on internet radio, an interview on a tv or radio talk show, planning a library display or scheduling a reading of an e-book at a school. One great idea would be a reading challange. Anyone willing to start one?

The companies and individuals on our partners page have become involved as their resources direct. Authors and publishers have either committed a free e-book or a number of e-books. Some individuals are contributing essays and blog reports. Warren Adler wrote a fine article and is donating a free book and story. Gogreereade.com provided traffic allowance upgrading so the site doesn't crash under traffic. ePublishers Weekly has an entire page on their website about reading e-books.

You can visit Read an E-Book Week at Read an E-Book Week

Why did you launch Read an E-Book Week? Give us the humble beginnings…

In 2004, when I launched Read an E-Book Week, people didn't understand e-books so the industry was regarded with suspicion - even snubbed. Authors who released their books in electronic format weren't taken seriously. Many promotional doors were closed to them. I hoped that a registered event that celebrated e-books would give authors some degree of "legitimacy" when they approached promotional venues. Now they could say "I'm available for an interview during Read an E-Book Week", or "I'm willing to set up a library display for Read an E-Book Week". When the tv station or library checked, Read an E-Book Week was an actual registered event. It was a slow start, but in the past few years e-books have really taken off - especially this past year. E-book sales in the educational sector have increased 400% over last year.

Who are some of the biggest partners for this event?

There are many recognizable names on the partners page of our website. One big name in the arts world stands out - author and playwright Warren Adler. Movie-goers will remember the movie from his novel The War of the Roses, directed by Danny DeVito and staring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Mr Adler has written a great article on our main page and is donating a book and short story. E Ink has been wonderfully supportive, as has Sony. Gogreenreade.com donated the funds needed to upgrade our site traffic so it wouldn't crash under heavy use. We appreciate everyone who has contributed, or would have liked to contribute. For some their business is technology - pretty had to make that tangible! Blogger such as yourself are incredibly valuable to Read an E-Book Week since they get the word out about e-books.

How are books selected for the website’s store?

I wanted to bring visitors to the site so I selected the bestsellers from Amazon.com Once people are on the site they are able to see other vendors featured on the same page who carry wonderful niche-market books, free books, and books from small presses. I've tried to contact the bookstores for reading devices other than Kindle but its incredibly hard to reach anyone other than technical help at most e-book reader book stores.

Book returns are a big problem with the industry, both financially and environmentally. E-Books obviously eliminate this problem, but digital printing has had an impact as well. What are your thoughts on digital printing?

Digital printing is definitely an improvement over mass production of books that end up being used as window dressing for book stores and then returned to the printer. The quality of the book may be slightly lower, but at least the book was produced for a prospective sale rather than speculation of a sale.

Most people still like to hold a physical book. How soon do you see that changing? Or will there be room for both mediums?

E-book readers have really evolved. With e-ink technology the screen image is almost a replication of reading on paper. Also, I think people are becoming more aware of the environment. Paper comes from trees, and the process of turning trees into paper is highly polluting. I see people's attitudes about reading e-books - or reading electronically - changing. And I definitely see that there is room for both digital and print books. Some books that just don't cut it as e-books. Books for babies that are made on cloth for instance, or art books. Those beautiful coffee-table style books are a joy to hold and read. But I think the genre books do very well as electronic books, as do product manuals, and a doctor's
pharmacopeia. I know several doctors who can't be even surgically removed from their PDAs.

Then, of course, there's the matter of travellers who want to bring a lot of books along on vacation. What could be better than loading 5 or so on to an e-book reader and setting off to Spain?

Do you have an E-Book reader? Or do you read on your computer?

I have not one but TWO e-book readers. The first one I acquired was a Hiebook. I loved it because it had a light so I could read in bed without disturbing my husband. The light, unfortunately, caused a huge drain on the battery, and the reader only supported the .kml format. I now own a new Sony reader and love the clarity of the screen. It's easy to download books to it and I forget I'm reading an e-book.

I don't read books on my computer. My favorite reading position seems to be lying down - rather hard to do with a computer!

From an author’s standpoint, has your book’s availability as an E-Book increased sales?

My e-books were always e-books, never available in print. My print published book (Body Traffic) was not released as an e-book. I do know that my e-book revenue has surpassed my print book revenue - so that says something. My website (I write with a co-author) is at: Domokos

Finally, tell us a little bit about your Bully books!

I have several anti-bully books for children. The Bully was first released as a free download because I thought the information was important enough to be available to everyone. I soon began to get calls and emails asking for the book in print. "We need to hand it to the parents," the callers said. When I received an order for several hundred copies I decided to provide it in print. To date The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story is in schools throughout Canada and the U.S. It has been shipped to Tasmania, Australia and England. It is used by schools, police departments, several mental health facilities and service groups.

In e-book format I provide Why Me? - an anti-bully book for teen girls, and Bullying-A Parent's Primer for parents.

You can visit my bully books site at : The Bully Book

And the last word, Rita…?

If you've never tried reading an e-book - give it a try. If you have in the past and didn't take to the reader, try a new Sony reader. The e-ink screen makes reading an e-book a pleasure.

Friday, March 06, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Jamieson Wolf was my guest on Thursday – thanks so much, Jamieson!

If you haven’t discovered your role model, you need to head over to Marvin’s site:

Angela Breidenbach will be my guest Sunday. She is an awesome person!

Pete Masterson's site has great book production tips:

And finally, words of wisdom from Spunky the cat:

“Take time to let down your fur and act psychotic!”

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Guest Today - Author Jamieson Wolf!

Today I would like to introduce you to author Jamieson Wolf!

I ‘met’ Jamieson a few years back. He is proud to be his own person! An author and a book reviewer, I’ve still not figured out how he fits it all into his busy schedule. He loves a good book and crafts great stories himself – I’ve recommended his books to many who have loved them.

So please welcome Jamieson Wolf, author extraordinaire!

You are one of the most prolific writers I know – when do you find the time?

Well, I really don’t know.

Just kidding. I actually write every day. And I usually work on many different projects at once. I tend to get bored easily so I’m always working on at least two things. At the moment, I’m working on a memoir and a romance novel. Variety is the spice of life after all.

I just make sure that I write every day, even if I really don’t feel like it. That way, it establishes some sort of routine in my crazy life.

Explain your deep love for Stephen King!

Well, I first realized that I wanted to be a writer after reading Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew. That book scared the bejeesus out of me and, after reading it, I thought: This is what I’d love to do.

Of course it took several more years for that dream to become a reality. But it happened. Plus, he just writes so incredibly well. He writes what he wants to write and has developed his craft over time.

He is what I aspire to be. And he’s just a darn great writer. He continues to find the darker places in life that we try to ignore but that we know are there.

Talk a little about The Book Pedler – how did you get started reviewing books?

I’ve been reviewing books for years. I started reviewing books for several online review magazines before it occurred to me to start my own.

I’ve always loved reviewing books and telling others about all the great books there are to read. When I was thinking of starting my own book review site, I took a while to think about the name.

I often think of myself as a Pedler, someone that would go around selling wears or showing others new sites to see. It seemed like a great title for a book review site as that’s what I do through my reviews: tell others about great books!

You can find The Book Pelder by clicking here: http://www.thebookpedler.com/

You’re on several social networking sites – which one do you like best?

I love social networking sites. You never know who you’re going to meet or find a new way to promote yourself or your work.

Here’s a few places where you can find me out and about:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jamiesonwolf

Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jamieson_Wolf/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamieson-Wolf/737780701

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jamiesonwolf

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiesonwolf

GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/798401.Jamieson_Wolf

LibraryThing: http://www.librarything.com/author/wolfjamieson

Ning: http://romanceauthor.ning.com/

I know that looks like a lot, but in reality, I only use a few of them. This should tell you which one I like best.

I also love Yahoo. It enables me to have my very own newsletter/mailing list AND stay in touch with my readers for free! You can’t beat that!

I use Twitter every day, several times a day. I love the ease of it, the simplicity and the joy it brings to read about others, to connect with others, all in 140 character posts.

Facebook, well, Facebook is the devil. I go on to update my status and my virtual bookshelf and that’s it; otherwise, I’m on there for an hour.

I don’t really like Myspace; I don’t know why. I just never got into it like some other people did. Speaking of which, I should update my MySpace page….

I signed up to Linkedin to connect with others and hopefully branch out into writing other things. So far, I’m not impressed and haven’t linked up with anyone; though never say never.

I love GoodReads and LibraryThing. Both of them are book cataloguing sites where you can keep track of all the books in your library. I like LibraryThing more than GoodReads (it’s easier to use and laid out better) but both are fantastic for the book lover.

I don’t think I’ve used the Ning social network since I created it. You can have members join and what not, but I’ve never gotten the hand of it. I know some authors that swear by it so maybe I just have to give it a chance.

So in the end, Twitter, Facebook and LibraryThing are my favourites but to each their own.

You are Canadian! Born & raised?

Yes m’am! I was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada and that’s where I live now. I’ve left a few times to see the world, but always come back. For some reason, it always feels like home.

“Hunted” is out in paperback – tell us about this book!

Well, Hunted is the first book in my Hunted Series. It’s also one of my favourite books that I’ve written and I couldn’t be happier that it’s out in print! In it, we meet Susan Halliway. Here’s a bit about the novel:
Susan Halliway is desperate to change her life. But something is desperate to hunt her....
A serial killer begins to leave increasingly frightening notes for Susan after he kills each of his victims. Little girls with blond hair and bright eyes. She receives details of the killings days before the bodies are found. The trouble is, the killings match a storyline on the soap opera "Hope Falls". The storyline where Susan's old character was the final victim.
Turning to Erin Edwards, the script writer who wrote the "Hope Falls" storyline, they both try to solve the puzzle of who is killing little girls and why they've targeted Susan. Meanwhile, Derrick Madison, Susan's old flame comes back into her life.Will Derrick's flame for Susan get in the way of his police investigation? Or will Susan's lust for Derrick blind her to powerful secrets that Derrick may be withholding from her. They will need all their cunning, all their daring, if they are to reach the end of this hunt alive....

It’s got everything you could want in a thriller: Soap operas, zombies, magic, lust, love, murder, redemption and more!

You can actually learn more about The Hunted Series by visiting the web site which can be found here: http://www.thehuntedseries.synthasite.com/ And make sure to check out the free downloads!

“Valentine’s Labyrinth” – tell us a little about these romance books!

Well, I had always wanted to write romance. But I didn’t fulfil this dream until early last year when my first romance novel, Valentine, was published.

Valentine and Valentine’s Labyrinth revolve around the old myth of St. Valentine’s Day. The legend says that Valentine was an actual person who was held captive by his jailer Asterius while waiting execution.

I wanted to play around with the historical legend and wondered what would happen if Asterius and Valentine got to know each other before the events that took place. It was never meant to be a series, but Valentine’s Labyrinth followed. There is one more book planned in the series called Valentine’s Promise.

You can learn about Valentine here: http://www.valentineanovel.blogspot.com/

And Valentine’s Labyrinth here: http://www.valentineslabyrinth.blogspot.com/

Each blog has tons of freebies for you so make sure to check them out!

I’ve also got a few more romance novels out: Witches: The Written Word Book One and Finding Beauty. Silent Communication: The Written Word Book Two is being published later this year. Check out my web site at http://www.jamiesonwolf.com/ for my complete booklist.

Are you a mushy-romance kind of person?

I’d like to think so.

Though my romances tend to be hot and heavy, there is love there. Each of my characters strive for true love, ever lasting love. It mirrors what I have in my own life, to a certain degree.

So yes, I’m very much a mushy romantic at heart.

Okay, tell us about Mave and why she thinks she’s people!

Well, Mave is my thirteen-year-old Tortoiseshell Calico.

She was a stray that I took in. Someone had put a litter of kittens outside and my friend at the time found her under the porch when she went to outside to have a cigarette. She called me and I took her in and I’ve had her ever since.

I think she’s part dog, part cat and part people. She plays fetch like a dog does and has very human mood swings. She also has a very odd taste in the snacks she eats.

She doesn’t like fish, tuna, milk, cream or anything like that. Instead, she prefers lettuce, Miss Vickies Chips, shortbread, Gingersnaps, shrimp and anything we seem to be eating. Oh, her new favourite treat is yogurt, if you can believe it.

Mave is a very odd cat, but she’s my baby.

And the last word, Jamieson…?


Just kidding. The last word would be this: If you want to write, don’t give up on your dream and don’t give up on yourself. Write every day, even if it’s just a few lines, and your dream will be achieved.

Thanks for having me Diane! You’re a pleasure as always!

* Thank YOU, Jamieson!*

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Author Terri Blackstock

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing
Double Minds Zondervan (February 1, 2009)
Terri Blackstock


Terri Blackstock hasn’t always written for the Lord. Just over a decade ago she was an award-winning secular novelist writing for publishers such as HarperCollins, Harlequin, and Silhouette. With thirty-two titles published and 3.5 million books in print, she found that she was miserable. The compromises she had made in her career had taken their toll on her spiritual life, and she yearned to renew her relationship with Christ.
After much soul-searching and wrestling with God, she finally told the Lord that she would never write another thing that didn’t glorify Him. Thinking she might never be published again, she began planning ways to supplement her income, while she worked on her first idea for a Christian novel.
Because she enjoyed reading suspense novels, she tried weaving a faith message into a fast-paced page-turner with ordinary people in jeopardy. When Christian publishers expressed great interest, she realized that a secondary job would not be necessary. God was paving the way for her to enter the Christian publishing world.
Since that time, she’s sold 2 million Christian novels. She has over thirty Christian titles, many of which have been number one best-sellers. Her latest book,
Dawn's Light is part of her popular Restoration Series. True Light, reached number one on the Top 50 of all Christian books the first full month it was in stores. Night Light was the winner of the 2007 Retailer’s Choice Award for General Fiction. Other reader favorites include her Cape Refuge Series, her Newpointe 911 Series, her SunCoast Chronicles Series and her “Seasons” books written with co-author Beverly LaHaye.
Terri is literally a native of nowhere since she was raised in the Air Force, She makes her home in Mississippi. Terri and her husband are the parents of three adult children--a blended family which she considers one more of God's provisions.
Terri has appeared on national television programs such as “The 700 Club” and “Home Life,” and has been a guest on numerous radio programs across the country.


Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene, talented singer/songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce – even deadly. A young woman’s murder, industry corruption, and a menacing stalker draw Parker into danger and intrigue. Nothing is as it appears, and unraveling the truth challenges everything Parker believes about her talent, her future, and her faith.
The young girl with the Bohemian style was on the floor where she’d fallen, between Parker's computer case and her file cabinet. She wore a long, flowing skirt—lavender, the color of calm—and camel-colored Uggs. She lay on her back, her long, wavy blonde hair matted with blood.
For struggling singer/songwriter Parker James, the music business has just turned deadly. Her desk in the reception area of a busy recording studio has become a crime scene, and Parker finds herself drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems.
Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high-level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker. As the danger escalates, Parker begins to question her dreams, her future, and even her faith.
Double Minds is a double treat—combining a compelling suspense novel with an inside look at the world of the Christian music industry in Nashville. Terri Blackstock grabs readers at page one and keeps them riveted until the final plot twist is untangled.

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