Several unique services for writers and authors!

Book Formatting Services

Is your completed manuscript ready for publishing? Are you considering the path of self-publishing? Does your small press require a print-ready file? Formatting in Word or relying on expensive subsidy services is neither professional nor economical.

For authors and independent publishers, I create a professional, print-ready pdf version of your book, tailored to the template your printer recommends.

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Make your book stand out - have it professionally formatted today!

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Private consulting for writers

Have you always dreamed of publishing a book?

Have you heard horror stories of slush piles and vanity presses?

Is your manuscript nearing completion but you don't know what to do next?

Then let Spunk On A Stick outline the best publishing course for you!

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Your book is your dream! Do not allow your dream to be destroyed by an ill-fated publishing path!

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Book Cover Design and Formatting

What is the first feature that draws your eye to a book or eBook? The cover, of course! An engaging, professional and attractive cover makes all the difference.

Craig R Wolfe provides professional service and competitive prices to meet all your book cover needs. He can create any cover art and wrap-around size to suit your printers' or publishers' specifications. You have the option to choose from three tiers of service:

Basic - for authors on a budget
Standard - for author seeking a more dynamic solution
Premium - high end solution with graphic illustrations

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Promotional Service for Authors - available soon!

Book Trailer Design - available soon!