Monday, December 19, 2011

Industry News About EBooks and Christmas Giveaway Winners

CBS News posted an article - Will Publishers Kill Amazon’s Golden Goose?

Big publishers are starting to push the price of their ebooks up again. Since ereaders such as the Kindle require an investment to begin with, this could hurt sale. Who will get hurt more - publishers, Amazon, or both?

The New York Times featured an article - Pulp Fiction: The Kindle Debate

It’s in response to an earlier article concerning the dissatisfaction of Kindle Fire owners. It does end with a note that Amazon does have the advantage, even though the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet is better and the Apple Ipad years ahead of either device.

Anyone care to share your thoughts?

And the winners of the Christmas Giveaway-

One print copy-  
A Southpaw’s POV - Holly
Cruising Altitude - DL
Ciara Knight

One ebook copy -
Sia McKye
Visiting Reality - Linda
Nancy Williams

Congrats, everyone! Send me an email and let me know what book you want.(The Circle of Friends Books I-V or Overcoming Obstacles.)


  1. The price thing is a huge mistake. Why would I want to buy an ebook that cost more than the paperback, especially if I like the real deal more? This was one reason I was turned off Kindle when it first came out (and why I went with Kobo instead). Now with so many people self publishing or going the epubbed route, this is ebook price hike is going to hurt traditionally published authors more.

  2. I know some publishers' books I won't be purchasing then. And congratulations to the winners.

  3. That was an interesting article and I agree that the Fire will continue to sell just for those reasons.

    As for the price deal. Good grief! Only established authors with a following will sell pricey ebooks and even those are dropping. Rants continue on the Amazon forum. I wonder if it will drive more to self-publish.

    And thanks1 I'm so excited.

  4. I just got an Amazon Kindle Touch and am quite happy with it. I only wanted an e-reader, not a device where I could email and do all the other hoopdedoo stuff. It works just fine for that. I especially like reading in bed with it, because it's easier to hold in one hand than a real book.

  5. Aw, thanks! I'd love a copy of Overcoming Obstacles. :)

    If you need my email addy, it's: linda(dot)grimes(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Yay, me! :) I feel sorry for the authors. It is difficult when a publisher wants to price books high and the author can not do anything about it. :(

  7. Stina, that's what I think. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

    Holly, glad you won!

    Karen, need to make your book available for the Kindle.

    Linda, I will email it this afternoon.

  8. I don't have the Kindle Fire. I have latest Kindles before Fire. I love my kindle. I looked at the nook and other readers. I really didn't want color and bells and whistles. I just wanted a reader that was close to the printed page. Kindle is.

    As for the price of ebooks. I'm not surprised or that publishers want to be the ones who set the prices of their books. Personally, while I understand the cost of various the personnel to edit, etc, I still prefer to buy ebooks at a lower cost. I tend to steer away from those books that reflect no difference in price from the paperback or hardcover.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  9. Oh, wow. I was so busy reading the links and thinking about your post (which was very interesting and thought provoking), I didn't even notice I had won! Thank you, Diane. I want Overcoming Obstacles.

    I'll send you an email in a bit.

    and congrats to all the other winners as well!

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  10. Thanks Diane. I am thrilled and surprised. In response to your question, I think authors are the ones who will suffer, but once the kinks are worked out, I think quality writing and good stories will win the authors more than ever before.

  11. Buy hardback and paperback books. ;)

  12. I've been reading kindle on my pc as I've been dithering about for ages trying to decide between Kindle touch and and iPad. I can't get any good comparisons. I guess it depends what you want.

    I don't think higher priced e-books will last.


  13. Does that not then benefit the indie publishers?

    I love my Nook. I don't want Amazon to have everything. I think that's dangerous for us.

  14. Cha-Ching! YAY me! :) I would definitely like a copy of OVERCOMING OBSTACLES! I will follow up with my address in an email.

    Congrats to the other winners as well! :)

  15. Congrats to the lucky winners! :)

    I would be sad to see those prices rise - I'm loving my ereader!

  16. I don't have a Kindle ...yet.
    Conrats to all who take part and win.


  17. Congratulations to the winners!

    Happy rest of December. Happy New Year!

  18. Thanks everyone for commenting.

    It will be interesting to see where all of this ends up five years.

  19. I think if people really want a book, they'll buy it. Hard covers still get purchased for $17-25 dollars because people really want to read those stories and are unwilling to wait for the paperbacks. While raising the price of ebooks might hurt their ebook sales, only time will tell if raising the price of books will hurt their sales overall. Then again, what do I know?

  20. Discussions like this make me wish I had a group of writers to sit with and hash over the latest in the industry while sipping some hot coffee.
    I am interested in hearing some reviews of the Fire after Christmas when more people have them.

  21. CONGRATS to the winners!