Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo Tuesday - Spring!

Spring is here! The trees are in bloom, flowers have appeared, and the weather alternates between shunshine and rain.

These are some of the obvious signs of spring. But as we are writing, do we remember to include the not so obvious signs?

As the cold weather vanishes, insects appear.
Bees emerge from hibernation.
Other bugs hatch and swarm.
Butterflies return.
And the ants go into overdrive...


Soon all of NC will be covered in the sickly, neon yellow-green stuff...

May stay all year, but migrating species will return.
And many will be in search of a bath...

Spring cleaning!
From houses to garages to cars.

I think it's been six months since I washed my Tribute...

Time for home improvements and yardwork.
And all the aggravation that goes along with projects.
Our fence project a few years ago led to the worst case of poison ivy I've ever endured!

Baby critters!

Cats, dogs, bunnies, birdies...

And they are so cute!


Pros, minor leagues, T-ball...

(And don't forget the apple pie!)

So, what are some of the other signs of spring?

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  1. Oh you're SO right about the pollen! That's the most obvious sign of spring in the South. Alllll those pine and oak trees....

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Yes, the allergens are ripe in New Mexico as well--cottonwood, juniper, oy. But oh, the blooming bushes and trees are magnificent.
    Happy Spring, Diane.

  3. Warmer weather and more rainstorms! At least here in the South. I love when Spring creeps in, stealing the winter away a minute at a time. It's such a renewing feeling.

  4. I think the pollen will be attacking soon!

  5. Reminds me I need to wash my car soon, too.

  6. Great photos. So far there's been very few signs of spring in Utah. It's cold, the sky is gray. But today when I left for work, our daffodils were poking through the bark! Yay!! I'm hoping it just gets warmer and warmer from here.

  7. Boo to bugs and pollen. Although we don't get a lot of bugs in London (we don't even have screens on our windows!), we do have pollen.

    Nevertheless, happy Spring!

  8. Marvelous pictorial and springy post! And another sure-fire sign of spring? The Old Silly walking around in his short pants! (wink)

  9. Marvin, is that a visual we should have in our heads?

    Talli, I envy the lack of bugs. NC is VERY buggy!

  10. Around here, our rose tree is blooming, the trees are budding, butterflies and hummingbirds are returning, and soon the millions of bats will be making their daily evening flight.

    Straight From Hel

  11. Brooke, that is a painted faerie moth and leass than one inch long...

  12. Brooke, it's a painted faerie moth!

  13. You always find the best pictures!!

    My poor characters are living in the slummy streets of Steampunk London - not many signs of spring coming their way :) I'm so glad I'm seeing spring come along though!

  14. In Florida a sure sign of spring is when the snowbirds leave - traffic becomes manageable again and you can go to a favorite restaurant without waiting for a table for hours!

  15. I havent washed my car in a good six months either.

    Oh we get the evil yellow-green pollen that covers everything here in NJ too. Makes my eyes itch.

  16. Where I live in New Mexico, it's the return of the hummingbirds. I do so look forward to seeing them again and am sad when they leave for the winter.


  17. I've been doing a bunch of spring cleaning of the last couple of weeks to notice all those little details of spring showing up. Bugs are the biggest problem for me. Urgh.


  18. Jemi, 99.9% of the photos I post are my own. So I guess I take good photos.

    Jane - snowbirds - chuckle!

    THanks, Lola, I don't feel so bad now.

    Galen, I lived there four years and never saw one hummingbird!

    Yeah, we're getting buggy here too, Jai.

  19. i heard LOVE BLOOMS IN SPRING, no? :O lol

  20. Yep, my allergies tell me it's spring. And you reminded me I need to do spring cleaning. :)