Friday, September 25, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

'Tis a flesh wound!

And now for the news around the book world...

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3-D coming to home television in 2010! CNN

And Jay Leno's new show has a segment where guests race around a track and their times are ranked - this idea was STOLEN from BBC's Top Gear program!!!!!

Spunky is currently in Oregon, so my time online will be limited.


I think I really need this break, especially as I will hit the ground running upon my return and be on the road more than I am at home.

I also need this time to reflect and re-evaluate. Because I'm beginning to think I am on the wrong path...

Whether it's the subject matter of my books or my marketing, something isn't working. I'll confess, I'm struggling. The non-fiction is doing well. My YA series... not so well. My publisher's sent out huge mailings to libraries & bookstores, sent out PR and ARCs, submitted to bookstores to stock. (B&N carries in warehouse, but declined to stock in stores.) On my end, I've sent out mailings & emails, made appearances, set up virtual tours and done publicity online. But something isn't working...

Did you know that during my 2 & 1/2 week virtual tour for Book III, my website visitor total was at its lowest of the entire year?

Book IV comes out October 6th and the final book on March 16, 2010. My editor had high praise for Book V, and it may indeed be one of the best things I've ever written. However, it will also be the last in that series and genre. I don't do nitty-gritty. I don't do controversial. I don't write paranormal or urban fantasy. And that's what sells. So I guess my chances at success as a YA author are pretty much... nil.

I've got a couple things in the works, one of which is a follow-up to "Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!" for children. After that, I have no idea...

Guess I'm at the crossroads on a path I should've never pursued...

* And lest you think I am in a big funk, I'd like to thank Terry Lynn Johnson for her kinds words the other day. I won't give up, Terry, and I'll try to keep inspiring! Thanks so much.


I forgot to mention that as members of the Trans Siberian Orchestra fan club, we get first dibs on concert tickets. For their show in Raleigh this December, we are on the floor, in the middle, SECOND ROW...


Unknown said...

My Friend,

You need to read a really wonderful and inspiring book, "Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk!" :>)

This trip may very well be just what you need! You've had one busy, hectic schedule. Stepping back and away from it all I'm sure will benefit you greatly.

Sometimes we don't know WHY. Why the numbers and stats are down, and so many other things. But one thing I know, is that you are a very gifted writer, and your YA series is wonderful.

Sometimes it takes time, word-of-mouth; time for people to read one, then the next, and then entire series (because you can't stop at just one!) for an audience to be built and a following to develop.

And it WILL happen. The Circle of Friends books are inspirational, uplifting, contain messages of overcoming...and they are "page-turners." All the ingredients needed for good books, and a good series!

Have faith and don't - DON'T give up! You were driven to write these books! It was a calling.

Keep doubt and negativity at bay! All of your hard work will come back to you tenfold. Things (unfortunately) do not always happen when or as quickly as we'd like, but with your attitude, outlook, perseverance and determination - good things are coming your way.

Remember - it's always darkest before the dawn.

The Old Silly said...

Wow - dazzling photo! Great lineup as usual today, the new Leno show is great - and 3-d TV? Cool!

Marvin D Wilson

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...


I'm sorry things haven't been going well with the fiction. As for the blog tour, summer is rough. My stats were down a lot. I worked a lot harder to keep my numbers near what they had been before.

I'm just getting into more teen reads so I can't even give you some suggestions. There are clean reads out there, but I can't speak to the popluarity of the books.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Thanks for the great links, as always. I hope you enjoy your trip. Sometimes it helps to get away for a new perspective on things. I think this has been a tough summer for all types of businesses and though I know first hand how easy it is to become discouraged, hang in there and continue to believe in your work and I believe that good things will come – just maybe not on the timetable we’d prefer.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure things will go great for Book IV, Diane. Best of luck to you!

Also, my in-laws are big fans of the Trans Siberian Orchestra as well. They play their Christmas songs during the holidays every year.

Debbie's World of Books said...

I'm sorry to hear your YA fiction books are struggling. They have been enjoyable but yes I suppose the trend right now is the paranormal/gritty stories. I hope book 4 does well. I know I am excited about it.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk. I hope this trip will give you time to re-charge yourself. I don't suppose you're a member of Sisters in Crime, are you? Each year they do a report on the industry. Board members go out and talk to the powers that be and then report back. They went to NY one year. This year they traveled to the Midwest. They just sent out to members that report. It's quite informative. They met with booksellers, agents, Ingram's, and others. I'm still in the process of reading it. It's 12 pages.

Straight From Hel

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and SO sorry I won't be able to visit everyone's blog until my return. VERY limited Internet access here.
Helen, not a member, because mystery is not my genre.

Creative Chronicler said...

Considering what an inspiration you are to so many people, especially myself, it saddens me that you are dis-heartened right now. It makes me want to drive up and give you a big hug, not that hugs help book sales, but you know what I mean. It's hard for many of us who know you to remember you're not the super heroe of spunk and that even you can get in a funk sometimes and that's okay. I have a feeling it's hard for you to accept that as well.

Unfortunately, right now I think the trend is toward the darkness. I read all kinds of books and I've noticed that when I review books that have a dark edge, whether they are paranormal or just murder mysteries I get many more hits than when I review something enlighting. Your YA series is full of light, and while in these troubled times you would think people would turn to those types stories, for some reason right now they aren't as popular. I have a feeling that while the paranormal and darker stories will remain popular that the trend toward more uplifting stories and those with a message of hope will be gaining popularity as we get closer to the 2012 prophecy dates. Just like with the new millinium, people panic and start looking for those positive messages. So hang in there, what you write has a wonderful purpose even if it doesn't touch as many as you are hoping it will right now.

I hope your Oregon trips gives you a chance to relax and unwind a bit. Just remember that you have friends all over that will love & support whatever you choose to do!