Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Thursday Excerpt - Author Shawn Grady

Today I welcome author Shawn Grady!

And in addition to links to excerpts of his latest release, Through the Fire, Bethany House 2009, Shawn was kind enough to answer a few questions...

Tell us about Through the Fire!

Through the Fire is about a Reno fireman who has a gift for sensing the fire and who is driven to solve the mystery of his father's death.

Your background is firefighter and paramedic and that obviously influenced your first book. Tell us a little about your experiences. Did any real events make it into Through the Fire?

My first fire on the line in Reno involved a single wide trailer fire from which two unconscious children were pulled out. Experiences like that seared into my consciousness and welled up to the point where I couldn't help but let them spill upon the page.

What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to relate a genuine, palpable experience for the reader of what it is like to be in a firehouse and to hear and see and smell it. The banter at the dinner table, sliding three story poles, sleep deprived nights running multiple calls. But more than just that, I felt compelled to tell a story of loss and redemption, of death and life, and to resonate a bit of the greatest story ever told.

Tell us a little about the soundtrack you have set up for your novel!

I often write while listening to music, and as I developed the first draft I began to make a playlist of songs that seemed very appropriate- songs that, were I making the movie of this book, I would give serious thought to including in the film. Especially the Gipsy Kings cover of Hotel California. That is Aidan's Mexico experience in a song. Interested readers can follow the Itunes link ITunes to download the soundtrack.

Saturday July 11th is your book launch party at Sundance Bookstore. (Book launch events are so much fun!) Tell us a little about the plans for the event.

There will be refreshments, a fire engine, and a bagpiper. I'll be on hand to sign books, and half the proceeds from the first 100 novels sold go to benefit the Reno Firefighters Community Assistance Program charity. The other half supports Reno's oldest independent bookseller, Sundance Bookstore. It's from 11am to 1pm @ Keystone and 4th.

You have a forum on your website – was that your idea?

Yes. I wanted to provide a place where readers could discuss the book and other topics and issues related to reading, writing, or emergency service.

Who are the people in the photos with you on the website?

I am standing next to Dave Talbot at the 2008 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in one photo.

Has Nevada always been home?

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived in Reno for over a decade now.

What’s the next project for Shawn?

I am currently working on my second book due out in the summer of 2010 about a Reno paramedic who feels like he's chasing the Angel of Death.

Give us one random fact not listed on your website!

Hmm... I once worked as a chimney sweep for three days ;)

And the last word…

Thank you, Diane, for having me. It's been a pleasure.

Thanks, Shawn!

Please visit Shawn's site: Shawn Grady
Visitors can read the first two chapters of Through the Fire at this link: Through the Fire


Morgan Mandel said...

I've heard of props at book launches before, but a fire engine!
You've got a lot of us beat.
Good luck with the new release.
It sounds hot. (g)

Morgan Mandel

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

A soundtrack for a book - what a great idea! Good luck with the launch.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like a great escape for a reader--hanging out in a fire house!

So, being a chimney sweep must not have been all it was cut out to be? :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

joe doaks-Author said...

I visited Shawn’s web site. Very tastefully done. I especially liked the video…compelling, and again, well done. Like Morgan, I was grabbed by the idea of a fire truck at the launch. Wow. Hmmm. What could I have. Have to work on that one. Okay, keep on…truckin’

Best regards, Galen
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Sheila DeChantal said...

Great interview! I am out nosing around your blog LOL... good stuff :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Glad everyone enjoyed Shawn's visit!

Marvin D Wilson said...

What a great background from which to draw from for fodder for writing. Stepehen King says to "write what you know" and what this author knows is something of great interest and unusual. Great interview, thanks, both of you. :)

The Old Silly

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Love your book launch idea. Including the charity tie-in. Good luck!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Bookfool said...

Great interview! I'm just now in the midst of reading Through the Fire.