Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Twist - Interviewing the Book Blogger, Debbie!

Today I decided it was time for a book blogger and reviewer to be interviewed!

So please welcome Debbie! She has an awesome book blog at
Debbie’s World of Books and I appreciate her taking the time to answer some questions.

So all you authors & writers out there, take note!

How many books do you read a month?

It varies depending on what kind of books I am reading and how long they are. For the most part I average about 20 books a month.

Do you have a couple favorite authors? Are you afraid to try someone new?

I definitely have some favorite authors that I pick up their books no matter what. Since I tend to go through a book pretty fast there are many times there is nothing new to read from my favorites so I love finding new authors to read. This is one great thing about the book blogging world. I have found so many great authors including yourself through other people's blogs.

Are there authors who started out strong, but their successive books have grown week? Is it the repetition of ideas or lack of editing? Or something else?

Hmmm...that is a tough one. I will admit that although Julie Garwood is one of my all time favorite authors I have not cared so much for her latest books. I don't think it's so much repetition of ideas or editing but I am not a fan of her contemporary novels.

I noticed under ‘Favorite Authors’ you listed Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child! Which book is your favorite? Which one would make the best movie?

I really love their books! I would probably pick Relic since it was the first book I read by the two of them and was the one that got me hooked. Cemetary Dance comes in a close second. I always have a hard time picking a book to be made into a movie because I am rarely happy with the adaptation. Relic would have been my pick and I was excited when I heard Relic was being made into a movie but I thought the movie was pretty bad.

As a reviewer, I’m sure you are besieged with review requests – what’s the most ‘out-there’ book anyone has ever asked that you review?

LOL. The books usually are not too bad although sometimes the way the book review requests can be a little 'out-there'. The most recent book that I found a little strange was Fiction by Ara 13. The humor was really odd and the story revolves around a priest trying to convert a group of "natives" whose current beliefs are based on the holy book, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

Ever had an author rant about a less than stellar review?

So far I have been really lucky not to have any author rantings. I've seen a lot of news lately about some authors going off about negative reviews and with all the social networks available today it's easy to speak before thinking and then you end up regretting it. I try not to be too negative in my reviews. I'll list the things I did not like but also try to mention the things I did. I think what everyone needs to keep in mind is not everyone is going to like the same book so I can't imagine any book that is going to have 100% positive reviews.

What advice would you give to publishers, publicists, and authors who want to pitch their book to you? What would you suggest to make the experience pleasant for all involved?

My main pet peeve is receiving a request that doesn't address me by name. With my site being called, Debbie's World of Books, it is not that difficult to figure it out. It is also helpful to include a summary of the book and if they want the review posted during a time period to also list that. I have received some requests that just say "I have write a book called xyz would you like to review it." That means I have to go look up the book to see what it's about and for some of the smaller publications sometimes those summaries can be hard to find.

What about your real life might surprise those who follow your blog and book reviews?

Gosh, I live such a hum drum life I don't know what would surprise people. My co-workers and friends are surprised how many young adult books I read even though I just turned 30. What can I say? I love them. The other thing people are surprised at is that I only have one bookshelf in my house. We live in a tiny home so I can't fit any more shelves in. Not that it prevents me from getting more books and having piles around the house.

And the last word, Debbie…

Thank you so much for interviewing me on your blog. I love hearing from the authors I read and I think the blogging world is a great opportunity to encourage interaction between readers and authors.

Here is the link to my Twitter profile DebWorldOfBooks

Thanks again for featuring me on your blog!


And thank YOU, Debbie! Please be sure to visit her site: Debbie’s World of Books


Marvin D Wilson said...

Great to read about Debbie and all she does for what, I agree, is the WONDERFUL world or Bloggydom. And 20 books a month? I'm impressed! :)

The Old Silly

Helen Ginger said...

I'm older than 30, but I'm finding myself reading more YA than I did, probably, when I was a YA. Back then, I was reading adult books. There are some great YA books available today.

Nice interview, Diane and Debbie. And good advice on how to approach a reviewer when you have a book you want to submit.

Straight From Hel

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Wow...I only wish I could read that many books in a month!

Thanks for the interview. I'm following Debbie on Twitter now.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Kitten said...

I'm a fast reader myself, but I'm not sure if I could read 20 books a month!

Unknown said...

What a great resource for readers! To have reviews, other than those found on book jackets is wonderful!

Debbie's World of Books said...

Thanks so much for this interview! I love interacting with authors and fellow readers.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thanks everyone for commenting and thanks Debbie for doing the interview. It's good to see things from the other side sometimes.

Bob Sanchez said...

Twenty books a month, eh? You put me to shame, Debbie!

This was an enjoyable interview, Diane and Debbie.

Bob Sanchez

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Enjoyed reading an interview from a reviewers view. Now I am going to go check out Debbie's blog.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Debbie, sometimes I get odd query letters, too. Not necessarily for reviews. In fact most often I don't know what the writer wants with their query. (-:

Diane, since you added your Twitter avatar (could that be it?) I am having one heck of a time loading the comment window. It takes forever and keeps disappearing. Just thought I'd let you know.


Builder Jack said...

this just proves i need to up my monthly intake of books. thanks for sharing the interview

Patricia Stoltey said...

I am in awe of the twenty books a month, and thankful there are wonderful readers like Debbie who are willing to blog about books and post their reviews. Very informative post.

Adaptable Kay said...

Wonderful interview!!
Your questions are so in depth-They really make you think =]
Thanks for sharing with us.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I thought this would be a great opportunity for authors to learn and understand the other side of the book reviewer/blogger host. As long as we treat one another with respect and come with a helpful attitude, authors & reviewers can both enjoy the experience.
Plus, we can make new friends along the way!

Chester Campbell said...

Delightful interview, Diane and Debbie. Just checked out the World of Books and found it equally delightful. The main thing I learned is I need to read mujcho faster.

Mystery Mania

Jenners said...

This was fun to read. As a book blogger, I was curious to hear her answers ... great questions too.

Mayra Calvani said...

Great interview! I enjoy discovering new book review blogs!