Friday, September 05, 2008


Tropical Storm Hanna's clouds have now covered the sky and it's been raining for the past hour. We are looking at some strong wind gusts and lots of rain this weekend. And of course it will be going over us tonight - storms never seem to pass while it's light outside!

After Fran and Floyd, I am grateful this is not a full blown hurricane. I will never forget sleeping in our hallway, listening to the wind and wondering if that was the roof leaving the house... Both times we lost power for a day and if you've never experienced a hurricane, it is always incredibly hot & muggy immediately following the storm. It's a moment of celebration when the power is restored and the air conditioner roars to life.

And when Internet returns, too. (So tied to my computer!)


Anonymous said...

I hope Hanna did pass by without leaving too severe traces!

The weather here isn't that good as well ... but it is usual "autumn" weather.

Well - nontheless - wishing you a lovely weekend! Hoping for you that Hanna did not make the roof go "wooohooo"!

Take care


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hanna woke us up before six this morning. Our bedroom is on the NE corner of the house and it's impossible to sleep when a hurricane or strong wind is battering the siding on that side of the house! So far we've just small debris in the yard, and a couple roofing tiles. And we haven't lost power, either! So happy!!!