Sunday, September 07, 2008

Amazing Hero, Tim Tebow

A little off the beaten path, but it ties in with University of Florida, football, and faith - all components of my series.

Yesterday I saw an ESPN special on Florida quarterback, Tim Tebow. And now I am in awe of this young man. He is the son of a missionary and a born again Christian, and he uses his fame as last year's Heisman Trophy winner to minister & speak in unique places. He spent his spring break back in the Phillipines, where he was born, working at an orphanage. He speaks at prisons. To hear him speak is incredible, because he is so mature, personable and full of God. He wants to be a good example for young people, which is awesome!

It's amazing to see a young man so boldly proclaim his love for Jesus and go forward with the intentions of making a difference. He has given me hope! I would love to go speak of hope to others in such a fashion - perhaps not overseas, but we've so many right here in the USA than need to be reached.

Perhaps one day I will be successful enough as an author, speaker & business owner that I can make such a difference as well!

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