Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight & Graphic Novels

The Dark Knight has shattered every box office record. It just hit 300 million faster than any other movie - ten days! They claim it will beat Titanic for American grosses, which seems a small feat when you view the world wide box office - it's got to beat Titanic's 1.8+ BILLION dollars!

But graphic novels and comic books as movies have soared so much in popularity. Writers need to take heed! And those who have written in this medium for years should feel vindicated, because it's a real art form. Comic-Con this past weekend was HUGE! Purists might feel it's become diluted, but it's also incredibly popular now.

Congrats to Christopher Nolan - he's an awesome director! When Batman Begins came out, I felt it was the epitome of a perfect graphic novel/superhero story. And now the whole world knows!

As much as I've loved these two movies though, my favorite will always be The Crow. (And another film seeped in real-life tragedy...)

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