Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why Signings Are Special

Most authors do not do a lot of book signings for one reason or another. Perhaps they cannot travel extensively or they aren't the type who likes to be out in public. Maybe they're not good with people! (It happens often.)

However, I love doing the book signings! At one time I had set a goal of 100 in one year, but doing over sixty last year convinced me that was an unreasonable goal. (Just too exhausting!) And even though I have scaled back some this year, I continue to go out to the book stores.

Signings are special because I get to meet fans and new readers face to face. I get to find out what they love about the series. If they are buying their first book, I take the opportunity to encourage them to pick the right story for their needs. (One doesn't HAVE to start with Book I!) And I get to talk to a lot of people about their dreams and ambitions and watch the light return to their eyes! That is perhaps the biggest thrill.

The other night in Raleigh, I had a friend I'd not seen in years come to my signing. We got to chat for a while and she went home with a copy of Book IV. Another friend, one whom I'd really gotten to know many years ago while photographing her horse, came out to get the next book, too. She is a big fan and so excited about finally doing her own book!!

I also met Laura, a delightful lady with two daughters. She got them each a book and we talked at length about the positive aspect of my series. She even admitted to being a writer of poems and I encouraged her to pursue that dream! I failed to get her email, but hopefully she or one of her daughters will send me a message and we can correspond. I was very touched by her sweet and gentle nature!

Thank you, Laura, and everyone else who came out that night!

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