Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton

*Guest blogger today

"Paris Hilton in tears because she had to go back to jail and serve out her entire sentence! Boo-hoo!
"Now there's an example of a spoiled little rich girl! What were her parents thinking? Drinking & driving, and then driving on a suspended license ... how dumb can one be? Add that to all of the other wonderfully moral things she's done and you've got a young woman totally out of control!
"I would never have thought of doing the stupid things she's done. Yes, I was a bit of a party girl myself as a teen, but I wasn't THAT stupid! I certainly did not live a life of depravation and deviant behavior.
"She got what she deserved. Welcome to the realities of consequences. We can only pray she learns from this mistake... "
- Sarah Gardner, wife of Denver Bronco's Matt Gardner


Mike Douglas said...

hmmm... Paris Hilton and her ilk occupy an entirely different reality from mine ... I can't relate even slightly. In that universe the rules only apply to those less endowed with fame, fortune, and the glamor they buy, and maybe that'll change slightly now, although I doubt it. For reasons unknown to me, many young girls idolize the unfortunate heiress ... perhaps this ridiculous circus will have a positive affect on them by scaring them straight so to speak. Let's hope that at least something positive comes out it all, although again, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

"Well, I wasn't going to say it, but you're right, I doubt SHE will learn anything from it!
Most people can't fathom having billions of dollars at one's disposal and doing whatever strikes the fancy! I mean, Matt's income is pretty darn good and certainly a lot more than what I grew up on, but I can't just do whatever. Regardless, I wouldn't be doing the same things as Paris, and I'm the same age as she!
"Spoiled little ... grumble grumble grumble..."
- Sarah

Mike Douglas said...

One of the things I admire about you and Matt is the way you've handled your prosperity. Sure, Matt makes an NFL star's salary plus endorsements or whatever, but it hasn't changed you guys a bit. You're the same good people you were before all that happened, and while I've never dipped my toe in those waters and never will, I'd venture to say that remaining unfazed by your situation is a rare attribute.

As for poor little Paris, we'll leave her to her fate. Perhaps when she gets out she can use the experience to her advantage, teaming with Martha Stewart to release a line of chic but functional inmate wear.

Anonymous said...

"Chic intimate wear! I like that. As long as Marth isn't the one doing the modeling!
"And I had to learn to handle the money - we have kids, darn it!"
- Sarah