Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars Tonight

* guest blogger tonight!

"Very shortly, the awards ceremony to end all ceremonies will commence. The media will frantically attempt to get every moment on film, ask every star that one question they have been asked a thousand times, all in the name of entertainment.

"Personally, I find this kind of reporting very dull! These people are actors - we pay them to entertain us. Their actions do not determine the fate of our country. They just act in movies, or produce movies, or do special effects. They work, just like you and I.

"Personally, I've had enough drama in my real life to not put much stock in the drama of movies! Sporting events are far more interesting and at least the outcome not predetermined by a script.

Nonetheless, I will have to spend my Monday making sure the Oscars are prominently featured in the Orlando Sentinel, whether I want to or not. Guess then I will discover the winners, too.

"As I have no intentions of watching tonight!!"

- James Sheppard, Junior Editor, Orlando Sentinel

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Mike Douglas said...

I tend to agree. Referring to the Grammys, I was just telling Sarah what I think of awards ceremonies in general, and the same applies to the Oscars. Don't get me wrong, I love movies of all kinds, have ever since I cast my wide little orbs on my first as a kid, but... I dunno, I guess many people like to live vicariously through the "glamorous" lives of actors, etc., but I'm not one of them. Truth be told, I've rarely seen most or any of the nominees anyway at the time the Oscars come around. I rarely go out to the flicks, preferring instead to see films on DVD in my own environment on my own schedule, so I don't see most of them until long after their release.