Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Down Time

The winter months are normally my down time, although I would hardly call it that some days.

But I am not running every weekend to a book store or festival and don't sepend several hours each week contacting media and setting up interviews and listings. I do still continue building my onlie presence, which sometimes eats up more time than five signings in one week! But at least I am home to do this.

I continue working on HEATHER. It will probably not be completed until this summer, though.

I will continue to write, as I have a science-fiction story involving two brothers in a war that begs to be told. And, believe it or not, it is the first story I ever created! I was thirteen years old when I wrote the basic outline and penned several scenes. Of course, I have not even glanced at what I wrote back then! Maturity and understanding how the world and people really function changes many things. I can always tell when a story has been written by a teenager - not only is the writing not up to par, but the characters behave unnaturally and usually the story sounds more like the teen's own personal fantasy. Eventually maturity will bring depth & realism to the characters and story, so they should never abandon their ideas.

I mean, who would have thought the two characters I created SO many years ago would return to my mind? Guess I've come full circle, then!

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