Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happiness is ... trying something new!

Most of my friends are aware of my complete lack of balance and general uncoordination. I can walk down a ten foot wide hallway and still bump into the wall. That is why I ride roller coasters - a complete lack of balance means I do not feel out of whack when pulling five G's. (And when I get off the ride, my equliberium evens out!)

However, that said, I was duped into getting hooked on Dance Dance Revolution. While I can still only do the first two levels (half beats totally confuse me!) I can get single and double A pluses without a problem now and continue trying new songs.

Now - even better!

I also have absolutely NO singing voice. None. Zip. Zilch. ZERO. (I don't think I sound good just speaking!) I do not even mouth the words in church. Why bother faking it?

Now, because of the same coniving friends who got me hooked on DDR, I am actually playing Karaoke Revolution too.

No, it does not sound pretty!

Only Craig and Ashley (and said friends) have EVER heard me sing.

BUT! I can get a platinum record on a couple songs!

We just got version three, and there's a lot of songs I know on there. Strange thing is, I can only sing ones with higher notes. (I love Switchfoot's "Meant To Live", but with his range, I slaughtered it!) But I am bravely trying new songs and attempting to improve on the others.

Never EVER thought ANYONE would hear me sing, but now, it's kinda fun.

And I broke a barrier!

(And - I promise I will NEVER sing Karaoke in bar in front of live people. Don't want to break eardrums!)

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