Sunday, November 13, 2005

Amazing people

Ever had a day where you ran into nothing but super nice people?

That was my Friday night.

I was in the Charlotte area for several book signings and a speaking engagement. It seemed as if I could meet no ugly person!

From the wonderful CRM who was generous and thoughtful beyond words, to the people who purchased my books that night, I was simply blown away! The spunky young lady from Georgia Tech simply made my night! She simply oozed genuine consideration towards her fellow human beings! (Not to mention that I greatly admired her confidence and obviously great self image!) And the gentleman who had no one to buy gifts for Christmas - he bought both books and I so enjoyed speaking to him for a great length of time. And then there were the employees at the other stores in the area - they were just so awesome! And the manager at the signing next day - I am still so touched she purchased BOTH of my books! Said she'd read a little of them, trying to determine where to place 'inspiration fiction', and I guess she liked what she read! And there was also a gentleman who said he would come back for a book for his wife later - and believe it or not, he did! (Yes, Ron, you restored my faith in humanity!)

Now, if EVERYONE could just put for a little of the effort these people did, just think how wonderful the world would be to live in!

Lord, I hope I exude that kind of positive enthusiasm every single day!

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