Tuesday, February 01, 2022

My Magic Summer, the Insecure Writer's Support Group, and Jeremy Hawkins Tribute

I’m a day early because Dancing Lemur Press has a new release!

My Magic Summer
With the Moon Maidens

By Brian Carmody
Print 9781939844804 $17.95
EBook 9781939844811 $4.99
Young Adult – Contemporary Fantasy/Coming of Age/Boys & Men

Who are these moon maidens?

Summer of ’94 and Connor Whelan is excited to spend the last three months before his senior year with his uncle in Texas. Aware this trip is due to his mom’s cancer treatments, he still hopes this will be a season of magic.

He gets his wish when he encounters three magical women one night. Claiming to be from the moon itself, bewitching Iluna, flighty Eiru, and motherly Cassiopeia are about to make Connor’s last summer of childhood one to remember.

However, his interest in local girl Laura puts him in hot water with her tough boyfriend. His fascination with Iluna also confuses him. Will the moon maidens’ lessons about joy, wonder, and hope get him through this crazy summer?

An award-winning screenwriter and author, Brian Carmody is a dreamer, a wisher, a hoper, a prayer, a pretender and a magic bean buyer. He’s had moondreams from Texas to Virginia, and now California, where he has plenty of other flax golden tales to spin by his fire.

Links: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iTunes / Kobo / Scribed / Goodreads

“A beautiful, magical coming-of-age story that shouldn’t be missed.” - Jessica Leake, author of Beyond a Darkened Shore and Through the White Wood

“My Magic Summer With the Moon Maidens is a beautifully written coming of age fantasy with characters that will stay with you long after you read the last page.” - Christy Cooper-Burnett, author of the award-winning Christine Stewart Time-Travel Series.

“This was a fun, sweet, coming of age meets fantasy story.” - Wendy @ Wall-to-Wall Books

“My Magic Summer casts a magic spell!" - Okey Ndibe, author of Foreign Gods, Inc.

“I was thoroughly charmed.” – Sandra Cox, author

It’s time for another edition of The Insecure Writer’s Support Group, founded by Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Feb. 2 question – Is there someone who supported or influenced you that perhaps isn't around anymore? Anyone you miss?

I had a mentor when I began this journey, even before I opened Dancing Lemur Press. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding, a couple authors throwing me under the bus, and the friendship fell apart. Sadly, life is full of meetings and partings.

Jeremy Hawkins Tribute

On January 3, we lost an amazing guy – Jeremy Hawkins.
On February 2, we are going to pay tribute and give back to one who was so giving and involved in our community.

I got to know Jeremy through the A to Z Challenge the year I was a helper. He loved movies and music and always posted such fun stuff on his blog.

When I purchased an IWSG t-shirt, I noticed he’d also designed a Minions one, and I had to have it.

Jeremy is one of those people who affected a lot of lives, even if most people don’t realize it. He did a lot of graphics for people and featured several of DLP’s authors. He will be greatly missed, as people like that are few and far between. Rest in peace, Jeremy.

Who supported or influenced you? Are you ready for a little magic?


  1. Congratulations, Brian!
    Cool you got a couple of Jeremy's shirts.

  2. Hi Diane - yes congratulations to Brian releasing his book via Dancing Lemur Press - good luck to him.

    I'd always seen Jeremy around the IWSG group, where everyone was in awe of his talent - much hidden I expect ... so sad that he left us so early. With thoughts to his family ...

    Take care - Hilary

  3. I thought of you, Diane, when I looked at Jeremy's designs and saw this minion one.

  4. Jeremy's graphics (which must have taken hours) delivered a unique presence and his happy atmosphere of support will be sadly missed.

  5. Congrats to Brian on his book! Sorry that you lost your friendship. I had that happen with a critique partner I ended up working with. It was hard.

  6. Summer of '94? Way to make me feel old. And the protagonist is in high school? Yikes, I'm ancient.

  7. It's always hard when someone we know and trust throws us to the curb especially in the writing world! I felt that way about someone too. I'm my own boss now:-) I keep saying that like I'm in middle school or something.

  8. I'm sorry that early incident happened to you, Diane. It probably helped to shape the woman in you. It's too bad we have to feel pain to learn. Your tribute to Jeremy was very moving.

  9. Congrats on the new release! And congrats to Brian.

    It stinks that happened to you. It hurts when we lose friends to events like that.

  10. Yes Diane, life is indeed full of meetings and partings. And both turn out to be life lessons in their own way.

  11. Congrats to Brian!!

    Jeremy will be missed by so many!

  12. A Minions T Shirt. How purrfect for you:) Jeremy had an impact on so many.
    I loved Brian's story.

  13. You bring up a good point - sometimes we lose people in other ways. My experience with the writer-blogger world has mostly been positive, but not always.

    Congrats on the new releases!

  14. Sorry about your experience with those authors. I know that must have been very difficult, but you've moved on and done well and found other support. Cheers!

    I love the minion shirt! It is definitely you.

    Another congratulations to Brian and DLP on this new book.

  15. Congrats on the new release.

    Yep, sure many like that out there who will throw one under the bus. But we learn as we meet and ungreet.

  16. Woot on the new release! And so sorry to hear your friendship with your mentor fell apart. That is rough.

  17. Conhrats on the new releases, good post to read Diane,
    I do have a problem recieving posts that I follow, yours is one of them, Had to link on your name to read this one.
    Hope you are well.

  18. I love this title!!! I'm pretty sure it's going to be a winner.

  19. I'm sorry I didn't know Jeremy. Your warm words bring him alive.
    Congrats on your new release.

  20. Congratulations on the release of Brian's book! It's a winner and deserves to do well. Take care, my friend!

  21. 'A magic bean buyer'! Boy, does the world need a few more of those. Congrats to you and Brian on the new release. The book sounds enchanting, in the very best way.

    I only 'knew' Jeremy through Alex's blog and the fabulous graphics he did. The minions t-shirt is so you!

  22. Congrats to Brian!
    I only knew of Jeremy by seeing the wonderful graphics he made. His work was already impressive.

  23. It's always sad to loose those who encourage us, and speak to our souls. It's awesome that you will be remembering him.

  24. Best wishes for the new release. I'm sorry to hear about Jeremy. Love that minions t-shirt.

  25. Jeremy's work was in many more places than I knew before today. He was a good one.

  26. Hope you had a good IWSG day! I was under the weather earlier this week (not the C👾vid, don't worry), but I'm much improved now.
    I've been scheduling debut author interviews at Operation Awesome. If you know one, please tell them to reach out to me.
    Over at the a-to-z challenge, plans are hatching for April 2022, including a big event this month (starts Feb 4).
    Plus, WEP has the "All You Need is Love" flash fiction challenge on February 16 - 18.
    Quote for February: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” -John Bunyan

    I added that book to my TBR.

  27. Sorry about the incident that happened to you, Diane--but you've taken it in the right spirit.

    Your tribute to Jeremy is very moving--I was on hiatus and had no clue of his passing. He was a wonderful person, group member and designer. I remember the t-shirt with fondness, too.

  28. Sorry about getting thrown under the bus, but you've certainly overcome it! Congratulations to Brian!

  29. I'm sorry to hear about Jeremy. It sounds like he left many good memories for all that knew him through the blogging world. Ok..I now have another book to read. You are filling up my ebook reader app!

  30. Congrats to Brian! Sounds fun.

    Jeremy will certainly be missed.

  31. I've had similar connections lost over my time in the industry. It sucks when it happens, but we find a new tribe and keep moving, which it sounds like you've done. Jeremy's loss will be deeply felt!

  32. Ouch. Losing a mentor over misunderstandings is truly painful. I'm glad you've been able to move on and find more helpful connections!

  33. Lots of room for misunderstanding, especially online. It's so sad about Jeremy. I didn't know him well, but we were Facebook friends.
    Congrats to Brian!

  34. Congratulations on the new release.
    Brian's book sounds fun.
    Sorry to hear you lost your connection to your mentor.
    Lovely tribute to Jeremy.

  35. Congrats to Brian!
    I also met Jeremy via the A to Z Challenge. He was such a creative guy. Such amazing graphics.

  36. Your observation about people in your life who are gone reminded me that not all losses come through death. I have a few "friends" who turned their backs on me over the past several years because of my political leanings. Makes me question how much of friends they were. Like one of them told me in a FB message after he decided to unfriend me, "You've changed so much since our younger days when we were all hanging out and having fun." I countered him by suggesting that apparently he never really got to know me because in essence I haven't really changed beliefs and loyalties since those high school and college days.

    Jeremy will live on for quite a while in his creations.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I lost some liberal friends there, too. Their choice not mine. I've been conservative most of my life, so it shouldn't surprise anyone. Like you said, people don't really know us.

  37. A very talented man. I ordered a tee shirt.

  38. Just stopped by to say hey and hope your weather is as great as ours is today;)

  39. Sorry you had a falling out with some friends. So sad when that happens.
    How cool that Jeremy made a minions shirt. You definitely needed that!

    The new book sounds cute. I will have to check it out.