Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Healthy Bloghop

I was also interviewed by the lovely Ella, who wanted to feature some of my photography on the poetry site, With Real Toads. In addition, she wrote two beautiful poems to go with my images at her SITE.

Get Healthy Bloghop

Hosted by Stephen Tremp, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Michael Di Gesu, and myself.

The Objective: Share with everyone something you have done that affected your health in a positive way. You can share an awesome low cal low fat tasty recipe. Post simple tips to lose weight. Or a testimony on what has helped like joining Weight Watchers. Recommend a routine like P90X or Insanity. Or stretches one can do while sitting in their office chair working or writing. I'm sure people have countless great tips and ideas they would love to share.

Getting healthy involves a good diet and exercise. But those can’t be extremes you do for a while and then go back to your regular routine. They have to be permanent lifestyle changes.

I’m a motivational speaker, and when I talk to groups about making changes, I tell them the biggest mistake most people make is they try to change everything at once. “I’m going to work out two hours a day, seven days a week! I’m doing the liquid diet for a week and then after that, only salads and water! Carbs are evil and I’m never eating them again!”

How long will that last? A few days? A week - maybe? Not only is it difficult to
make such radical changes, it’s hard on your body. Neither your mind nor your body will want to cooperate. (And for the record, carbs are NOT evil. 75% of my diet is carbs and I’m a healthy size 2. The next person that tells me pasta and potatoes are fattening is getting pelted with said food.)

Want to change how you look and feel? (Or not end up with a big butt like Spunky the cat?) Instead of radical changes, try these small ones:

• Cut out one or two sugar drinks a day and replace with sugar-free drinks or water.

• Skip the mayo and go for the mustard.

• Use butter spray on your food instead of butter from a tub.

• Eat more vegetables - broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, etc. They have almost no calories.

• Eat lower fat crackers. Several brands are not only lower in calories and fat, they have only a couple ingredients and aren’t loaded with additives and preservatives.

• When baking, use applesauce in place of the oil or butter.

• Make eating out a treat rather than a daily occurrence. Most restaurant and fast food meals contain enough calories for three meals and twice your daily fat intake.

• Take a thirty-minute walk shortly after dinner - burns calories and aids digestion.

• Go play a game outside with your spouse and/or kids. (You could probably all use the exercise and fresh air.) Play Frisbee, badminton, catch, basketball, go bike riding, etc.

• Find someone else who wants to get healthy and exercise together, whether it’s running, swimming, biking, hiking, or playing on a team.

Those are just a few suggestions - what else can you think of that would be a small but significant change?

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  1. Great advice! It is easier if you enjoy the changes too!

  2. Great ideas here, Diane! I especially like the fact that you've outlined that small changes can make a big difference.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    Great post and tips Diane,


  4. Forever changes are the most important. When people join my gym I always ask how many times they plan to work out... the ones who answer 'every day' or 'every weekday' are usually the ones who don't last because they can't sustain it.

  5. Hi Diane .. it's what helps our bodies isn't it .. all things in moderation ... I like the idea of skipping the mayo and using mustard, while the apple sauce for baking makes sense - a nice caramel flavour .. or a little appley-type juice flavour ..

    Interesting the walk after a meal .. you're the 2nd person who has mentioned that .. I'd thought we were meant to let the indigestion subside!

    Cheers but such sensible advice - particularly the sugary drinks - thankfully they've never been a part of my life .. Hilary

  6. You always have such good tips.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  7. Annalisa, they can't sustain that and just quit.

    Hilary, it will make cakes more crumbly, but otherwise the applesauce really works.

  8. I used to work in fitness centers while in university. A lot of people would start an exercise program but most didn't last. They wanted to see immediate results and it doesn't work that way.

  9. Yes to small but significant changes!

    As for the applesauce in cooking - if you do half applesauce and half oil, you don't get the crumbliness as much, and you still reap health benefits. You can also reduce the sugar in the recipe by 1/3 to 1/2 by using even unsweetened applesauce!

  10. I agree, the changes have to be permanent not faddish. It seems a lot of people are against pasta and potatoes. Most of the things on your list I can tick off...except I eat out too much.

  11. The little changes are what matters. We don't even drink sodas anymore.

  12. Great tips - I eat well, my major downfall is exercise and although I never used to gain weight easily (in fact, it was practically impossible!) with age, it's so much easier. X

    Shah X

  13. the little things all add up. I have to keep reminding myself that food is not a reward :)

  14. Its these little things that add up and make a difference. Over the course of a year on can average a pound of weight loss a week. That's 50 pounds a year just by making adjustments like you mentioned.

  15. Basically what you said is what I'm doing. Sadly at my age it is difficult to lose and I understand medications don't help, the pills I take every day make me rattle. Luckily I never drink soda and although I have a few drinks, we have cut it right back and only at weekends. Had pasta last night funnily enough.


  16. I think those are all great suggestions, and the reminder to only make one small change at a time is a good one. I have a tendency to make a giant list of goals/changes, and then . . . well, they just don't get done. Choosing one thing at a time always works.

  17. Love the idea of applesauce instead of oil. Lots of other great tips too.

    Visiting from the bloghop

  18. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    These are really good tips on getting and staying healthy. Thanks, Diane. I agree, consistent persistence is vitally important, and balance is key.

  19. Hi, L. Diane.

    I do so much baking. Thanks for the tip about applesauce! I bet it tastes great!

    AND I TOTALLY agree with you about small changes at a time. One can't JUMP into extreme dieting and fitness.

    Thanks for co-hosting the hop!

  20. Definitely small changes but for me it's also been about having a strong enough desire this year to fix myself, rather than like every other time when my heart hasn't really been in it.
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  21. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    Great tips! Making small changes over time is easier to stick to in the long run. This is a great blog hop!

  22. Bravo on these awesome tips! I started small and have kept off 110 pounds. I still have far to go, but I'll get there.

    Amazing photos, what a truly exquisite eye you have.

  23. Very wise advice to break the goals down in to doable, small achievements. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  24. Great, easy, fun suggestions, Spunky. I also am enjoying the delights of wonderful fruit - ie natural vs processed sugar.

    Thanks for co-hosting this hop.

  25. Great tips! I love veggies I can eat raw. Especially carrots :)

  26. I've never been a fan of radical change. Like you said, it's hard to stick with it. Great tips! Thanks for co-hosting the hop!

  27. Thank you Diane :D
    I love your tips and practice a few of them~
    I know I just move to more. Hubby being home has thrown off my routine.
    But I need to change it-maybe I can get him to go cycling with me ;D

    Nicely done..I'm now craving crunch!

  28. Great advice, Diane. You are so right about not changing everything at once. It can only lead to failure.

    Thanks for co-hosting a blog hop to make people rethink their lifestyles!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  29. You are so right, Diane. Trying to change everything at once is a recipe for failure. And everyone's body is different. I can't do as many carbs as you, but if I limit my complex carbs to one or two servings per day, I don't gain.

  30. Wonderful advice :D
    I have heard of the applesauce replacement but have yet to try it, thanks for reminding me!

  31. Hi Diane,

    A healthy balanced diet, balanced exercise and finding other positive resources are all conducive to our physical and mental health well being.

    Of course, surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, encouraging people breeds positivity. It's all healthy stuff. Cultivate healthy thinking.

    Be well and smile.


  32. I heard once that brushing your teeth while standing on one leg burns more calories ;)
    Some great tips here.

  33. So true, little changes can add up to big results.

  34. Use the stairs more often than the elevator. Walk and don't drive to locations within a mile if you have the time.

    I used to walk at least a half hour every lunch time since I didn't like staying inside at the work location all day.

    Thanks to you and the guys for a great bloghop!

  35. Spot on, Diane! Couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for co-hosting this. You're always a part of so many great things. :D

  36. Great advice; I try to play with the kids outside as often as I can.

  37. Absolutely, Diane. You can't make radical changes all at once. You need to work into it and then keep it up as part of your lifestyle.

    Potatoes (rich in lots of good stuff) and rice are one of the few carbs I can eat without pain, but most of my carbs come from veggies and fruits.

    So, who wins when you and hubs play badminton?


  38. Love your tips Diane.I am trying to cut sugar in the form of sweets and chocolates and ice-creams. Hope I stick to my June resolution.

  39. Those are great tips. I've cut way back on sugary drinks. Now pass me the pasta and potatoes!

    Wrote By Rote

  40. I think you hit the nail on the head in saying we shouldn't try to 'do it all at once'.

    Baby steps are key and what has really helped me obtain some of my fitness goals.

    Great post!

  41. Louise, I usually slip just a little oil in just for that reason.

    Shah, that darn metabolism slows down, that's what it is.

    Tyrean, now you know.

    Michael, it makes foods sweeter.

    Thank you, Melissa.

    Carol, I am a radish addict. Literally.

    Karen, since I am a vegan, if I cut out the carbs I would starve.

    Gary, that's right.

    DG, our townhouse in ABQ had stairs and I noticed a big difference when we moved to a one-story house in NC.

    Sia, he does - I'm just happy if I can return one he can hit.

  42. Mayo and butter have grossed me out since I was probably a preteen. I'd also recommend meat substitutes like tempeh, which tastes better and is better for one's health.

  43. There's so much misinformation out there, including the idea that carbs are bad for you. *shakes head* Thanks for setting the record straight!

  44. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    I can appreciate the small changes. I try with the best of intentions, but seems to backfire sometime around the third day. But, I'll keep trying.

  45. I really love my veggies, but just don't eat enough of them.
    What I really need to work on is drinking more water!
    Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop.

    Writer In Transit

  46. Veggies are awesome!

  47. I use the applesauce for baking substitution a lot. Lots of great tips. Thanks for hosting this great blog fest.

  48. Carrie-Anne, I almost suggested that since I am a vegan.

    Jennifer, no problem! I dare anyone to tell me they are fattening. It's not the carbs, it's what one puts on the carbs.

  49. Good tips! It's important that a healthy life style can be a habit that you can do every day - nothing extreme.

  50. LOL about the carbs! :) I used to be fine with them but now my body turns them against me and I can't digest them well.

  51. I love these simple small changes- success breeds more success.

    Thanks so much for hosting this awesome blog hop!

  52. Little changes sure go a long way...

    Great post with some brilliant suggestions.

    Great Blog Hop.

  53. Good advice - don't change everything at once! Makes mathematical sense, too. For example, I just recently, as in over the past two and a half months, have made some dietary changes to isolate inflammatory foods to see if it would help with my many health issues. We've found several categories of foods I no longer eat, and I've lost weight effortlessly through the process! That's what I'll be writing about for the NEXT hop, though ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  54. I love exercise! I've always been active since I was a kid, and though I no longer do organized sports now (just for fun!) I make sure to exercise 5 or 6 days a week. I have an elliptical and I often read while I'm on that. I use weights and I have a couple exercise DVDs I like; Cindy Whitmarsh is my favorite. I see good results pretty quick when I do her workouts!

    My husband and I eat pretty well, too. I make sure we have fruit and/or vegetables with each meal. We have the NutriBullet, which is awesome. I love having a healthy veggie/fruit drink for breakfast after my workouts!

    But I never ever say no to chocolate!! :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  55. They are all so very good suggestions! I eat no processed food but sometimes I drool over it. And this reminds me, whatever vegan recipe you have, you can send it to I know you are extremely busy so no rush. Whenever you have the time. My best!

  56. I LOVE p90x! I still do some of the tapes per week. I've cut back on caffeine and drink more water.
    And I just downed an app call My Fitness Pal to track calories.

  57. Hi everyone! Our Internet has been on and off all week and I thought it had crashed completely yesterday. A technician is coming today to fix the problem. I will catch up with everyone this weekend, I promise.

  58. Excellent advice as always, Diane! I never thought about using the butter spray...

  59. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    I need to eat more vegetables -- and hit the gym more often. Already got the cooking spray covered!

  60. Great post and tips. Thanks. I enjoyed it.

  61. So true. I've tried more than my fair share of fad diets and I can say this:

    I usually feel unhappier on the diet than I do 2 stone heavier.

    Now I'm eating healthier (and naturally less, since most healthy foods are a lot more filling) and the weight is shedding off while I feel amazing.

  62. I scanned the comments and didn't see this tip, so I'm posting it. There's another fat substitute you can add to brownies and other baked goods in place of some of the fat. Pureed white kidney beans supposedly don't affect the taste or texture and also help prevent blood sugar spikes after you've eaten the brownie or whatever you're baking.

    Thanks as always, Diane, for your posts!

  63. I didn't see this tip, so I'm posting it. You can also substitute pureed white kidney beans for some of the fat in things like brownies without affecting the taste or texture, plus the beans supposedly help prevent blood sugar spikes after you eat said brownies.

    Thanks as always, Diane, for your blog, and keep the pictures coming!

  64. I switched to cooking everything in coconut oil. The difference in my health and how I feel is amazing.