Friday, November 16, 2012

I Miss You Blogfest

Today it the I Miss You Blogfest, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Matthew MacNish, and Andrew Leon.

List a blogger you miss and one you would miss.

The blogger I miss the most is Eric W. Trant at Digging With the Worms

Eric is a published author whose work includes light fantasy, science fiction, and literary pieces:

Out of the Great Black Nothing: Novel 2011
Short stories in several volumes of An Honest Lie

On May 21 of this year, Eric’s 18 month-old son died, and he’s not been online as much. He always had such thought-provoking posts and I really miss those.

Eric, when you are ready, we hope you rejoin us.

The blogger I would miss the most is Elizabeth Spann Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder

Elizabeth is the author of many cozy mysteries. The next one, Knot What it Seems, comes out on February 5, 2013. (The same day as my next book - we’ll have to celebrate!)

She founded the Writer’s Knowledge Base and features an Ebook Services Directory on her site.

Elizabeth’s posts are so informative and she really knows how to relate writing, publishing, and promoting to real life.

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her in person, and she is just a delight!

I’ve followed her blog for years now and would really miss her!

I’d also like to thank everyone who offered either a tour spot or assistance with the release of my next book. Most of my dates are now full and next month I will have a sign up with a giveaway for anyone who wants to help announce its release on February 5th.


  1. Hi Diane - I'm sorry to read about Eric's son .. it must be devastating .. my thoughts are with him and his family.

    Elizabeth got an honourable mention from me .. as she is so generous in her knowledge ... as are you! It's great to see you together ..

    Cheers and I look forward to your next release on how to publish and promote ... Hilary

  2. There are some sad stories connected to this blogfest! Very sad news about Eric's son.

  3. I couldn't even remember who I haven't seen on the blogs for a while. Just because I haven't seen them doesn't mean they are no longer blogging. And I totally blanked when I tried to come up with names. Of course NOW I'm remembering them. Sigh!

    And there are soooo many I would miss if they disappeared. Too many to name on one post.

  4. Oh this is a good blogfest! I have quite a few blogs that I really miss.

  5. Hilary, Elizabeth knows so much about writing and promoting.

    Stina, that's why I just limited my choices to one of each.

  6. How devastating for Eric.

    You and Elizabeth have actually met! That's wonderful and your books are coming out at the same time. :) Congrats to you both.

  7. I must be reading the wrong blogs. Every person being missed today, I haven't read.

  8. Diane,

    I should be back on. I'll be glad to help promote you. So would Sir Poops and Hair Ball.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. My heart goes out to Eric, though I don't know him. I know of so many families who have lost children, and it is absolutely devastating.

  10. I cannot even imagine losing a child - my heart goes out to Eric.
    You and Elizabeth are two of my favorite bloggers and ones I've known the longest. I would miss you both terribly if you stopped blogging.
    Diane, did I miss that you wanted help with promoting your book? Count me in!

  11. Sad about Eric. And I'd miss Elizabeth as well.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  12. I'm sad for Eric!

    Elizabeth sounds amazing :D

    I love your photo together! YOU have a great smile!

    I'm looking forward to you book~
    I will mention you when it comes out!
    sometime I want to see your photos ;D

  13. Diane - my prayers are with Eric, I remembered reading some about his journey a while back. I hope he's ok.
    Thanks for the Huzzah at the Joust, and thank you for such a wonderful post for the I Miss You fest today.

  14. Your post reminded me just how much goes on in the bloggers' lives that we might not know about. Interesting how we come to expect they will always show up with the stories or the information or the humor we expect until something happens in their lives that changes all of that.

    Good luck with your book. If you'd like to post about it on my blog, I'd love to have you there. I post new books on Thurs.

  15. Elizabeth made my list, too!

    If you still need a blog tour date, or a before or after guest spot, let me know. I'll be happy to host you.

  16. Hey, neighbor! It's been a while. How are you doing? I'm glad this blogfest is reacquainting me to so many wrtierly peeps I've missed. Keep being awesome! :)

  17. See Stina Lindenblatt's comment. I couldn't have said it much better. And like Carol I'd be happy to include a guest spot for you. You know how I've become with guest post and how much I like the topic of promotion. You wouldn't even have to be controversial, but you could if you wanted to.

    Tossing It Out

  18. Sorry to hear about Eric. Sometimes when people drop off the grid, I fear it's for personal difficulties.

  19. Thanks for introducing me to more wonderful people and books.


  20. Diane! You're so sweet to mention me here...what a nice post! *You're* a delight. :)

    I didn't realize our release dates were the same--too cool!

    I think I've visited Eric's blog before, but I didn't realize he'd lost his son. So tragic. I can imagine how that could really shake everything up in your life.

  21. I know some of these people. Luckily I keep up with Eric and some others on Facebook.

  22. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Eric's son. I hope he and his family find healing.

  23. I see I have some new blogs to go visit.

  24. Sorry to hear about Eric's son. Thank you for pointing out a new blogger I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet.

  25. That's a shame about Eric, and Elizabeth sounds lovely :)

  26. That's a shame about Eric, and Elizabeth sounds lovely :)

  27. Laura, we got to spend an afternoon together at a book festival and it was so much fun.

    Karen, thank you.

    Ella, thank you, and I usually post one on Friday. I forgot today.

    Tyrean, I may have missed a day, but I tried to keep up.

    Thank you, Lee.

    Thank you, Carol.

    Lee, oh I could do controversial!

    Elizabeth, I didn't realize either until yesterday.

  28. This blogfest is filling up my blogroll. Many people have mentioned the same bloggers I miss/would miss. Now that you mention it, I DO miss Eric and I didn't kinow about his devastating loss. I don't know what I would do.

  29. This community introduces us to so many great people. I'd miss you if you left. :)

  30. You never know who you will miss until they are not there :) Sad to see when death has a hand.

  31. Nice to meet you through the blog fest! Thanks for the links. They sound like I'll enjoy!

  32. Oh, my heart just aches for Eric. And I need to check out Elizabeth's blog.

  33. Diane, Logged in today for no reason at all, haven't logged in for weeks, for the reasons listed, and BAM, look what I find right at the top of my blogroll! Such a wonderful surprise!

    Tomorrow is Dastan's 2nd birthday, 11/17, exactly 6 months since his passing. So it's a tough weekend. Seeing your words puts thread in the heartbreak, so thank you thank you. I miss you, too, and hope to get back in the swing very soon. My head is feeling less like mashed potatoes every day, so onward ho!

    Thank you so much for the shout-out.

    And thank you to my fellow bloggers for all your support and prayers. There is nothing "virtual" about the prayers and thoughts we feel every day pouring out from you.

    - Eric

  34. I remember Eric. I did not know that about his son. I didn't know him well but did stop by his blog from time to time.

    And Elizabeth is amazing! I'd miss her too if she stopped blogging.

  35. How sad for Eric's son...

    What a tragedy. Nothing worse on earth than losing a child.

    I am not familiar with. I have visited Elizabeth on occasion and she is great!

  36. Totally agree with you on both people! Fabulous choices.

  37. That must have been such a sad, difficult experience for Eric.

    Cool that you got to meet Elizabeth Spann Craig in person!

  38. Digging with Worms...what a cool title!

  39. Siv, that was very profound.

    Eric, then you were meant to see this! Prayers for you this weekend. It will be tough. I've really missed you and hope the mashed potatoes feeling dies down enough you can rejoin us.

  40. That is so sad. We forget life is going on while we're sitting here alone at the computer. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I have new grandson who is 15 months old. Can't think about that, not even for a second.

    Thanks, Diane!

  41. I remember Eric's story. It's so sad. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  42. so sorry for eric's devastating loss. home is more important than blogging.

    happy you met a blog buddy! i hope to someday too...

  43. As a Dad to three young sons, I would also like to say how sorry I am to hear about Eric's loss.

    I read a few of his posts and will pray that some good will come from this tragedy.

  44. I have read some of Eric's posts. I hate when people lose their children. So heartbreaking.

    I love love love Elizabeth and would totally miss her informative posts.

  45. I'm sorry to hear about Eric's son! That's so sad :(
    I will have to check out Elizabeth's blog.
    So many blogs, so little time!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  46. That's awful about Eric's son :(

    Gonna have to check out Elizabeth's blog too, like others said.

  47. I can do this as its the week before my book comes out. Count me in!

  48. So sorry to hear of Eric's loss. I've visited Elizabeth's blog a few time and I've checked out Writer's Knowledge Base.