Friday, October 12, 2012

Industry News, The Flipside of Good Comments, and Inspirational Photo

Some industry news…

Nook Tablet pre-orders are sky high. The device will not only be available from Barnes & Noble, but from WalMart and Target, too. Barnes & Noble also continues to dominate the print bookshelf retail space.
Read full article at Publishers Weekly

Amazon launched a new feature this week - author rankings.
Read full article at Publishers Weekly

The Flipside of Good Comments

Bloggers live for comments. We love receiving and giving them. They can be encouraging, thoughtful, and a sign of real friendship. A good comment lets the other person know he or she matters.

Sometimes comments are for all the wrong reasons though. Have you ever received a comment from these types of people?

The Spammer - the same, generic comment left on many blogs or someone commenting just to leave a link. (I’m sure most of us have been zapped about boycotting American women!)

The Clueless - comments that have nothing to do with the blog post.

The Greedy - leaves quick comments just to get return comments. (This also applies to those who follow just to get a return follow.)

The Suck-up - buttering up someone for selfish gain. The comment is obviously not genuine and may ooze sickly sweetness.

The Slammer - bashes others or even the blog owner. Comments are negative and sometimes laced with superiority.

The Fighter - leaves instigating comments just to stir up trouble.

Can you think of any others?

And your inspirational photo for the day…

“I hope to grow up to be Cthulhu one day!”


  1. The spam comments always make me wonder what they get out of it. No one follows the links, surely. After reading this list, though, I think I'm pretty lucky with my comments - I've never had anyone try to pick a fight with me!

  2. Great list! The first two are the ones I have dealt with most, and both are equally as frustrating.

  3. The clueless comments always crack me up! I've had clueless and spammer on my blog. Comments on my blog are mostly kind and thoughtful, though.

  4. These are great, Diane! Very true, too. :) Yep, I've been hit by the American women spammer at least 3 or 4 times...ha!

  5. The Russian call girl comments on my blog confused me. Why was she even reading my blog? How did she find my blog? Of course, I hit the link to her blog. Sorry I did. Although I did get an idea for a Halloween costume.

  6. Laura, those make you wonder if the person even read a single line.

    Em-Musing, a costume? LOL! A least you got something out of it.

  7. Yes!!! I've had the first three. I didn't know the boycotting American women one was so wide spread. Some people are definite need of a better hobby!

  8. This was a great post! I get the occasional spammer and the PERVERT!

    You can't forget the PERVERT. I've had two so far on my one blog. They make me feel totally violated. Never in my life did I ever think a PERVERT could possibly get any pleasure leaving a comment on a blog.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. The first two are the most common, I think... really annoying as well...

  10. Like the hugs and chocolate Shelly.

    At the moment I don't get too many spammers, but I do get them. There are some which seem to be principally about advertising something.

    What on earth is that picture?

  11. Oh, OK figured it must be an octopus but never heard of Cthulhu. Googled it.

  12. That pic is wonderful! I have encountered all these commenters at one time or another. They are definitely a downer as far as blogging, but the upside is all the wonderful connections I do make.

    Thanks for the info on author rankings!

  13. I know what you mean.

    There's a flipside to the Greedy. Yes I want visits and yes I like to comment, but if a blogger writes a post where the only available comment is: "Good post", they're asking for it.


  14. I got hit by the boycotting American woman guy several times. I haven't experienced anyone trying to pick a fight, but then, I stay away from controversial topics as much as I can. Great post.

  15. Shelly, glad I've missed experiencing the pervert.

    Jo, I think it's called a cuttlefish.

    Thank you, Melissa. I thought he was cute.

    Misha, good point. If the post isn't engaging or spurs comments, then what's the point?

  16. I admit, sometimes I leave odd comments. If I can't think of anything to say pertaining to the post, but I want the author to know I read it, I'll leave whatever is on my mind. Yup. That's me!

  17. I once left my blog address in a comment because I mentioned someone else's blog and wanted them to know about it. The person accused me of being a spammer... don't do that anymore!

  18. The first time I got one of those American women comments I wondered what the heck. I think it was actually on The Blood Red Pencil blog which is all about writing and editing. Made no sense.

    Others that I have noticed as I blog hop and then read comments are the ones that make a quick comment, but always manage to turn the discussion to promoting their book or blog. Really bad manners.

    BTW, have I mentioned... LOL

    Love the photo.

  19. oh, I get those anonymous comments with links to sites they promote at least 4 or 5 times each day. Wish Blogger would give us option to ban comments with links on our blogs :(

    Hope you're doing fine this Autumn, L.D. :)

  20. I'm scared to leave a comment... but I do love some of the Spam comments.... do they really think anyone clicks on the 127 links per message :)

    Have a great weekend (I'm not trying to be sickly sweet, honest :)

  21. I'm lucky with my commenters I guess. haven't had the boycott American women one.

  22. Wait a minute, some of you have a PERVERT? Well, I'm insulted. He's never visited me. I thought I had a heavy breather once but it was just a smudge on my monitor screen.

  23. I've been receiving very little spam and other annoying comments since I inactivated the anonymous option. It's lovely, so I plan to leave it that way.

  24. I used to have many spam links on my old blog but so far have not been bothered,
    Loved the pic this week.


  25. Loved this post, as I love most of them! Alas, I fit the category I didn't see--the one who subscribes and always reads every post yet comments very infrequently. Call it laziness, call it juggling too many balls in the air, call it whatever, I'm guilty.

    Thanks for not kicking me to the curb!

  26. Randi, it wasn't even your blog! Sensitive.

    Mark, I'm sure you're not!

    LD - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patricia, mine is set up that way after someone left a hateful comment about another blogger on my site.

    Jacline, no kicking! At least you know you do it. Some people are just so negative with their comments and they have NO CLUE.

  27. I've thought about this too!

    The good news is that I haven't had to deal with the fighter or the slammer too much. I get those only very rarely. What bothers me is the greedy. It's disingenuous.


  28. I was coming over to check your blog and saw this! Hit it right on the money. I haven't seen any negative posts yet, but I would much rather the sickly sweet & follow me posts then anything negative!

  29. I like the new Amazon Tracking. I dislike Slammers and Fighters. It's funny. I probably spend more time reading blog posts, then discover my comment is lame. LOL. I try, but some of us are not as witty as others. :) I hope you had a great weekend!