Friday, October 26, 2012

Industry News, Beyond the Book, and Friday Inspirational Photo

Industry News:

Brian Jud posted 30 Ways to Get Free Advertising for books.

Pin Pads at 63 Barnes and Noble stores were hacked, prompting the company to stop using Pin Pads in all 700 of its stores. Online and Nook purchases were not affected. Read full article at Publishers Weekly.

From my upcoming How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now - Beyond the Book:

You should also think beyond the initial manuscript. That one book could contain countless possibilities. Publishers are always looking at other options, as evidenced by the rights they wish to keep in the contract, and you should be, too. (Especially if you self-publish.)

• Foreign rights: Your book translated into another language.
• Audio books: Downloadable MP3 files or CD recordings of a professional reading your book.
• Book clubs: Book of the Month and similar clubs that offer books to members. Often this entails the creation of a smaller, hardback version of the book, which is sent for consideration six months or more before its release. Book clubs don’t return books — a big plus for you and/or your publisher.
• Magazine excerpts: Short excerpts of your book.
• Movie or TV rights: Your book becomes a studio release, TV movie, or TV series.
• Book series: Your book develops into a series and spawns sequels.
• Additional material: Your book is sold in a bundle with a CD, activity kit, toy, etc.
• Aftermarket merchandise: Your book has become a franchise, resulting in the sale of related items.

And your Friday inspirational photo:

Go for a ride!


  1. Thanks for the great link and the inspiration.

  2. Love the photo.

    Great excerpt. Good luck with the release, L. Diane. :)

  3. Cool photo. And someone make my books into movies, please!

  4. Love the photo.

    Alex, your books would be great as movies although not sure how you would convey the mental stuff.

  5. Brian Jud has some interesting ideas for ways to get free advertising for books.

    Thanks for sharing the excerpt from your upcoming book.

    Cool inspirational photo. Wouldn't catch me on a ride like that, but it's fun to see others enjoy the ride.

  6. Susanne, the thrill seeker in me loves those kinds of rides!

  7. I love that pic - all colourful and sparkly!!
    Great ideas for taking your book beyond the manuscript... wow, amazing what different strategies can be employed to get your story out there...

  8. Great photo. And best of luck with the upcoming book.

  9. I think that's one of my favorite rides at the carnival. Great info and still a little shocked about the pinpad hacking.

  10. good to know these things! Your book sounds like it's jampacked with info!

  11. Diane, great photo! I've been thinking "beyond the book" with my latest release, and am actually working on some merchandise and a sequel. I'm also holding a Halloween party at my house tonight that is themed after my book. I'll post on my blog about it.

  12. I haven't ridden on one of those in ages. Good luck on the book, Diane!

  13. All the great information in the blogosphere has really helped me plan the life of my manuscript better. Thanks for the advice!

  14. Beautiful photo. I like the ideas you shared for book promotion.

  15. Michelle, there are so many options.

    Steven, that's a great idea.

  16. I like the photo. Awesome.

    I dream of seeing my series on the BBC or cable. Someday... First I'll get to paperbacks and stuff like that.

  17. Great advice! Love the photo!

    And me too, I dream of seeing my memoirs turned into a film adaptation, becomes a box office success with positive critic reviews and receives some Oscar nods! Ain't happening anytime soon but I can dream, right?

  18. Great advice. I was speaking to one of my writer friends about this just yesterday, that it's important to retain foreign rights, audio rights, tv rights and rights to serialize. So many considerations. It's exhausting sometimes but it's also exciting that there are so many possibilities.


  19. Every time I get a short story accepted, I agonize over the contract, wondering if I really know what I'm signing.


  20. M Pax, one step at time.

    Livia, that's what dreams are for.

    Jai, that's where an entertainment law attorney comes in handy.

    Donna, only lawyers can make sense of it all.

  21. Good luck with your new book! I wish I had a clone to do all the promotion part.

    Cool photo :)