Monday, April 30, 2012

A to Z Challenge - Zealous

For the A to Z Challenge, my topic is leadership and goal-setting. I am posting short excerpts from my book, Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership and Goal-Setting, along with an inspiring photo. Today is the last day. Enjoy and dream big!


There is no real magic trick to charisma, though. Basically, it is the ability to instill enthusiasm in others. Think back to the last time you were in the presence of such a charismatic dynamo. Were you not energized by his enthusiastic nature? Did the bright light of his life not draw you closer? We are all attracted to those who embody the pure essence of a zealous existence. However, charisma does not imply a hyperactive personality or a person of overwhelming intensity. It is simply a contagious spirit of optimism and enthusiasm.


  1. What a great definition. I know the people who have inspired me over the years match this exactly! Enthusiasm is really important in life!

  2. That's a great word. Congrats on finishing!

  3. That kitteh looks...stuffed... no really, he looks like he's visited a taxidermist! yeeek! I love a black kitty :)

    Oh, wait, what was the topic? Zealous! Zeal! and being a zealot! Nice word :)

  4. Hi Diane! Great word for the letter Z post.

    Why does kitty have the claws out?


  5. Jemi, just takes some enthusiasm.

    Susanne, because I was messing with her and she was playing back. Rocko is all claws all the time.

  6. Great word. I wish I had thought of that.

  7. When I first got out of college, I was a floor supervisor in a wafer fab in Irving. One of my technicians and I got to talking one night. I worked 2nd shift, 2P to midnight.

    He later quit, owing entirely to that conversation, he said. My memory may exaggerate, but as I recall, he and I talked about college, and my zeal and enthusiasm for learning rubbed off, and he said it inspired him to take a shot at engineering there at UT Arlington.

    He was a good tech, too! Just couldn't get the company to pay for his education (I later quit that company).

    - Eric

  8. The only time being contagious is a good thing!

  9. I think you can actually SEE charisma. I had a friend who had charisma; she had a quick smile and lively eyes. She just looked extremely alert. When we attended conferences together, it never failed that the speaker's eyes were drawn to her and it was almost as if they were talking directly to her. She had that kind of charisma--everyone was drawn to her.

  10. Good word choice. Love the kitty.

  11. A good word Diane.

    Congrats on completing the challenge.


  12. I'm glad to have found you on the last day of the challenge. I look forward to reading through your posts and whatever else you have in store

  13. Eric, you motivated him.

    Jess, I think you can see it, too. Like visible electricity.

    Welcome, Heather.

  14. I know a few people like this who inspire me :)


  15. I love instilling a bit of enthusiasm.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And congrats for finishing the A-Z. THat cat pic is kinda scary.

  17. Absolutely terrific word choice and the cat picture is even better. Looks like he is striking a pose just for this post!

    Congratulations on making it through the A to Z Challenge and for being a consistent visitor to my blog. Yes, pre-scheduling is wonderful!

    Warm regards,

  18. Charisma can draw others in, but it's the zealous nature that must be monitored.

    It can go both ways. It can be OTT.

    Congrats on finishing the A to Z. And, for sharing some of your book in your posts. BTW what is that cat doing? Yawning?

  19. Optimism is the key ingredient that draws us to a personality and the enthusiasm keeps the energy going. You are so right. It's difficult to become excited by a person who is not excited and exciting.

    Great series that I will have to go back through.

    Congratulations on making it through the A to Z Challenge. Join us on May 7th with your Challenge Reflections post.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

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  21. Awesome Z post! We made it, congrats! :)

  22. I always love your cat pics.

    Morgan Mandel

  23. Hi Diane .. in the end I waited so I could read all your posts through in one go.

    Your book must hold some wonderful resources - here you've really set out some major factors for improving ourselves personally, as we move on in our lives, perhaps ultimately to leadership; while reminding us that we need to be determined, have goals and follow our planned vision ..

    Many thanks - cheers Hilary