Monday, September 19, 2011

Worst Movies Ever Blogfest

The blogging ninja, Alex J. Cavanaugh, is hosting a blogfest today, Worst Movies Ever. Visit his SITE for a full list of participants and join in the fun. (And if you're not already one of his vast army of friends, it's only because you haven't found his blog yet. Or there's something wrong with you.)

Some of the worst films I’ve ever seen, in no particular order…

Warriors of the Wasteland 

This will always be my worst movie ever. This Italian film came out after The Road Warrior, and since I was working in a video store at the time, I decided to watch it. I made it through the first fifteen minutes and called it quits. Simply awful!

Battlefield Earth 

I read the book in high school and knew it would make two good movies. Sadly, we got one really, really bad one. What was John Travolta thinking? At least his and Barry Pepper’s careers survived.


Typical of 60’s films, it’s like a drug-induced trip. And look at that outfit. What was Sean Connery thinking?

Howard the Duck

This movie should’ve been a warning of things to come when Lucas directs.

King Kong Lives

I actually saw this in the theater! I felt so bad for Linda Hamilton

Pearl Harbor 

Titanic wannabe. The attack was well done, but the love triangle was annoying. My husband’s parents gave us their copy and it was so bad, as a joke, we sent it back to his mom for her birthday.


Was there a point to this movie? Weird, unfunny, and bad.

Phase IV 

I have a book on science fiction movies that touted this as a classic. Right. BORING!

Sucker Punch 

I HATED this movie! The premise is uncomfortable and the story takes place within two levels of fantasy world in the main character’s mind. By the time we got to the second level, I’d lost interest, because none of it was real, it was random, and totally meaningless! I’m still mad I watched this film.

Musicals in general 

In real life, people don’t break out into song! For that reason, all musicals annoy me. The only one I liked was Hair, and that probably had more to do with Treat Williams.(And Disney animated films are okay.) My husband likes some of these films and I always tease him that real men don’t like musicals.

What stinkers have you sat through?


  1. I love musicals :-)

    And I thought that was photoshopped picture of Sean Connery at first.

  2. I haven't seen any of those - I'm glad! :)

    Have to admit I'm a musical fan though - Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music are 2 of my faves!

  3. You've got some terrible films listed here. I mean just look at Zardoz! Wow.

  4. Battlefield Earth stunk! Forgot about Pearl Harbor. Fortunately.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  5. The hubs and I started sucker punch and turned it off about half way through. I don't think I've seen any of the others. WHich looks like a good thing:)

  6. Good Lord, Diane, we did not need to see that pic of Sean Connery :P

    I love that you send PEARL HARBOR back to it's sender :)))

    And pretty much any Travolta movie could fit this category.

  7. I'm not a fan of musicals either. Unless the music is good in which case, I'll just buy the album.

  8. Sarah, no that's really from the movie.

    Creepy Query Girl, I couldn't stand Sucker Punch.

    Dezmond, sorry to scare anyone with that photo, but when it came up in the search, I had to use it.

  9. I LOVE musicals! :) And that Howard the Duck show was AWFUL!! I haven't seen the other ones. Probably a good thing...

  10. I haven't seen any of these... thank goodness! :)

  11. Gosh, I've only seen a few of these movies. The kid wanted to see Howard the Duck, I couldn't watch it all the way through.

    I loved Pearl Harbor! I've watched it several times.

    A movie that comes to mind that I didn't like, not on your list, was Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber. OMG, yeck. I Don't like corny or stupid and over the top humor--unlike my two guys. *rolling my eyes

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  12. I love musicals but I agree on most of your moves. Pearl Harbor I only saw once, same with Sucker Punch. Ugh I hated that movie.

  13. I saw a few minutes of "Pearl Harbor" on TV before I had to turn it off. :) I think you've got some good picks for awful movies. :)

  14. Toys could have easily made my lost. Yeah, that was awful on so many levels. I stayed away from Sucker Punch because it looked so stupid. Anything with Ben Affleck is going to be bad. Never heard of Zardoz, but I wouldn't be able to get past the picture.

  15. Sucker Punch annoyed the heck out of me too. It's like someone decided it was a good idea to get some scantily clad girls together, throw in a lot of action and violence, and pretend there was a deeper psychological meaning to all of it...

  16. Now I know I'm really a dinosaur. Haven't seen any of these movies. :)

  17. Uh oh, guess my hubby isn't a "real" man - he likes musicals, as do I. My biggest stinkers is Reflections in a Golden Eye.

  18. OMG! Zardoz really? I haven't heard of that one. That poster is freaky!

  19. I saw Battlefield Earth and Howard the Duck on someone else's list. So thankful I missed them both :)

  20. I wish I'd thought of Pearl Harbor. That movie was a three-star yawner. But my sister loved it. Truly bad movies. I bet Battlefield Earth and Howard the Duck are making a lot of lists today!

    I'm with you on musicals too, though I can think of one that I love though... Finian's Rainbow with Fred Astaire. It's great! (I think I'll go look for it at Netflix... or YouTube.)

  21. What is with that outfit in Zardoz?? Too funny! I like Pearl Harbour (blush, blush). I thought Josh Hartnet was very cute. And the musical Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies!

  22. Oh, I love musicals! I love My Fairlady! ;) My hubby hates musicals,too! lol


    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  23. I didn't realise there were so many worst films about until today.
    Enjoyed reading your list though I have not seen any.

    I do thank you for your visit and comment very much appreciated,

  24. You can have all the other movies on the list, but sucker punch was great. It is way deeper than it gets credit for.

  25. I was never a musical fan for the reason you mentioned until I started performing in them. Now I do love them--mostly the older ones. There have been some great songs that have come from musicals.

    I was truly annoyed by the way they played with history in Pearl Harbor. There were some great scenes and effects so I won't put this film in my worst category, but after watching it I had to watch a slew of more authentic Pearl Harbor movies that are far better like Tora, Tora, Tora and From Here to Eternity.

    Zardoz I saw at the drive-in movies when it first came out. I don't really remember it though. I think I actually was on drugs when I saw it. A lot of those drugged up 60s movies are so annoying to watch now--so dated.

    Tossing It Out

  26. I heard that about Sucker Punch. Too bad! It's nice to see girls kick ass. The others are pretty bad..there are a few that are making their way onto multiple lists.

  27. I'm seeing a lot of Battlefield Earth today! You list is full of stinkers. I hate musicals, always have, always will...

  28. Sia, I just couldn't get into Pear Harbor's love story.

    Stephen, it's supposed to be a sci-fi classic, but I'd avoid it at all costs.

    Sangu, that's exactly how I felt.

    Karen, I always give Craig grief about the musicals.

    Doralynn, I just can't get into the unrealistic-ness of musicals.

    Sorry, Budd, it turned me off from the first few minutes.

    Lee, if you were on drugs while watching Zardoz, then be thankful.

  29. Good choices! Some movies I just block out of my mind because they're so awful like Toys. I totally forgot about it. I wish I could forget about Howard the Duck and Battlefield Earth!

  30. Thank goodness I haven't seen any of these worsts.

    However, I love musicals. I love the old ones and the new ones, the ones made from Broadway shows and the original movie productions. One I've watched at least five times is Love Me or Leave me with Doris Day and James Cagney.

  31. That poster of Zardoz creeped me out!!

  32. How could you not love Zardoz? ROFL. That poster is fabulous. Haven't seen it. Still don't want to. But soooo funny.

  33. Thanks for the list--will have to remember to stay away from these movies. :P

    The only musicals I like are The Sound of Music and Cats. Though I've only bothered watching a few . . .

  34. I generally agree with you about Musicals and "real men". Ha!-Ha! There ARE some exceptions for me, but not many. For example... "My Fair Lady", "Singin' In The Rain", "The Sound Of Music", and, yes, "HAIR"! I like "Hair" so much that I own the DVD and once even posted a review of it on my blog.

    I hate, Hate, HATE "West Side Story"! I can't even watch five minutes of that movie without becoming very uncomfortable and starting to question my own masculinity.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  35. Isis and RaShelle, no man should have to wear an outfit like that.

    Stephen - LOL!

  36. The only one on your list I saw was Pearl Harbour, it was wayyyy to long

  37. Oh my gosh!! I managed to block Zardoz from my mind for years and now you've brought it back! Noooooooooooo! ;)

  38. I can say something good about Pearl Harbor. It was the first DVD we played in our brand new (at the time) surround sound system. The audio/sound effects were great.

    And I'm going to admit it - I love musicals.

    Hey Diane, I've got a blog award waiting for you over on my blog. Hop over and pick it up when you get a chance.

  39. I saw a lot of Howard the Duck today - deservedly so.

  40. I must see Zardoz, now. If only to see that outfit in action.

    I love musicals. They make me want to do jazz hands and jump on couches.

  41. Luckily I've saved myself a lot of time by not watching any of these movies but Pearl Harbor. I liked it the first time I watched it, after that, I realized how bad the acting was and could do without it.

    Musicals on the other hand, they just make me happy. I wish we'd all break out to song and dance. What a better world it would be!

  42. Homosexuals are real men too...

  43. I LOVED SuckerPunch! To each their own, I guess. Battlefield Earth and Howard the Duck both made my list, though!

  44. I can't stand musicals. For the same reason you state: people don't break out into song & synchronized dancing. It is just disturbing and creepy. It is truly jarring. I can accept sci-fi, fantasy, surreal movies & more without a problem and never lose the suspension of disbelief, but n otherwise normal world that periodically skips over into a parallel musical-dimension pulls me right out of the story.

    Very annoying. 'Naked Lunch' is more believable than a Musical.

    But Sucker Punch was fun: less of a movie and more of a series of video-game cut scenes without all that annoying fiddling with a controller in between.

  45. i was curious about Sucker Punch. Glad I didn't waste my time. Great list. :)

  46. I agree with you about musicals. They make me cringe so badly, mostly because I'm so caught off guard by the way they break out into song and dance.*Shudder*

  47. These are pretty bad.

    And kudos for putting "Musicals in General"!

  48. I was in Pearl Harbor, HI when they made this flick. We use to drive by hoping to see some of the star dust.
    It lacked luster...but I had to see it!

  49. Forgot about Howard the duck, that is an awful piece of crap too, great list of umm crap..haha

  50. Pearl Harebor is the only one of those I've actually seen. I remember seeing the previews for Sucker Punch and thinking this poor movie couldn't decide what genre it wanted to be. My worst movie ever was Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford - yawn!

  51. That Pearl Harbor love triangle was uber annoying. I was hoping she would die of some tropical disease and put us all out of our misery.

  52. Sucker Punch??? Wow, glad I'm gonna miss it!

  53. Thanks, LD.

    Will - LOL!

    Laughing Ferret, Jeffrey, and Tim, you understand me.

    Susan, I've never seen it.

    Lisa, I was hoping Ben Afflack wouldn't return!

  54. I haven't seen any of these. Looks like I've dodged a few bullets there.

    Dave Wrote This

  55. Howard the Duck was certainly one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. Thanks for the review on Suckerpunch. I was hesitant on watching it anyways.

  56. I've seen several Michael Bay (director of Pearl Harbor) films on these lists today. The man ruins everything he touches! :)