Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writing Changes Your Life

Life changes when you write. It changes even more when you become an author!

There are many adjustments. Every day is a new adventure.

Since many of you have asked about Spunky's world, I will list some of the changes in my life - and I invite you to share yours!

I spend A LOT more time online. A minimum of two hours a day. Sometimes it's closer to six.

 I travel more - to the tune of 30,000 miles a year. I put my little Tribute out of warranty real quick!

 I write a lot more, and not just my books - articles, blog posts, journal posts, outlines for seminars, etc.

 Thank goodness for rollover minutes, because I am on the phone a lot more, too. Funny thing - I don't even like using the phone!

 My reading shifted from fiction to mostly marketing books.

I learned how to build a website. Still don't know html, but that's okay!
funny pictures of cats with captions

I have packing for a book signing or speaking engagement down to a science!

I now have two computers on my desk and multi-task well. (I also have a "Lappy" but I don't get to use him much...)

A big change is the shift in time. We only get 24 hours in a day. I'm still lobbying for 40, but until then, there's some things that went by the wayside...

I don't keep up with my roller coaster stuff as much. I used to hit several parks a year, but I'm lucky to see one now. I also used to know anything and everything about roller coasters - the oldest, the biggest, the fastest... You could name any park and I could tell you all the coasters in that park, and probably how tall they were, too. Not so much anymore...

I cut way back on my photography business. No more Saturday weddings - instead it's Saturday book signings. I still do portraits occasionally.

I've made more friends, but now have less time to keep up with any of them.

I still go to movies, but my movie-watching at home is restricted to one a week. I never really watched much television, so that wasn't a problem.

I forget birthdays. That sucks, too.

I haven't played a computer game since Roller Coaster Tycoon III came out.

My house is still clean, but it's messier and bit unorganized some times. Maybe I should fire the maid...

So how about you? How has writing changed your life? What do you do differently? What do you no longer have time to do...? What new things now fill your day?


  1. I'd gladly sign any petition you come up with for increasing the number of hours in a day from 24 to 40 !

  2. I forget birthdays, too! :( And lots of other things. I think the memory loss is the biggest change for me (I'm too lost in Book World.)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. My house is VERY messy and I don't cook. Hey, something had to give! But I've learned a lot this past year and met new friends. Also made more money.

  4. Writing changed my life a lot.
    It is just something I love to do - like drawing, oainting and photographing.
    It helps becoming myself.

  5. I think we probably have house keepers from the same family. Mine used to be organized and worked every day. Not anymore. I wouldn't even know she'd been by if she didn't occasionally run a finger through the dust and tsk.

    Loved the kitty picture. I know some of that code, too.

    So glad you're also over on my blog today!

    Straight From Hel

  6. Mostly, writing changed me on the inside. As I wrote my memoir, it was like putting the pieces of my life into a big jigsaw puzzle. At the end of the process, they made more sense. The writing I am doing now is continuing that process, deepening my understanding of me and the world.

  7. I know I'm online more.

    And damn, you have a maid?

  8. Rayna, I'll put together a petition!

    The house just doesn't seem as critical anymore, although some days I go nuts and clean it top to bottom.

    And happy to visit you today, Helen!

  9. I spend a LOT more time on the internet. Social networking and blogging - to help build up name recognition, popularity, and a readership, which = more book sales. I also read more, because I now consider it an occupational necessity, studying the craft, how other authors write, what works, what doesn't, all that.

    The Old Silly

  10. Too much time on the computer and online-- and right! 24 hours is not enough. I've had to schedule some walking and exercise time in the mornings because I was sitting too much and getting backaches and leg pains. Gotta keep that blood circulating.

  11. I can relate to so many of these. I keep thinking though, that my life can't change that much. I still have to go to work. And I still have to take care of my kids.

    I'm hoping to have book signing Saturdays and travel all over though. I love that!

  12. Very interesting! Since I've committed myself to writing my novel, many things have changed in my life, too. I hope to have many more change in the future!

  13. Wow! This is great to learn...So much that goes into a successful author's life! Diane, I want to be like you. :)

    My house is messy, but that's no change. I have no time for anything, but, again, no change.

    Hmmm...I'm not sure that anything has changed YET!


  14. I'll sign the petition!

    Also, I think I have the only teenager in the world that says:
    "Oh mom, pizza AGAIN?"

    I am the queen of pizza delivery.
    Ordered only after I look up from my keyboard to see hungry eyes staring at me.

    LOVE this post!

  15. B. Miller, it will happen!

    Elana and Michele - lucky you that your world won't tilt on its axis.

    And Lola, what is WRONG with that kid?!?!?! We could eat pizza five times a week!

  16. My life is kinda crazy & chaotic already. I can't imagine adding more stuff - but I'm willing to give it a shot :)

  17. Jemi, if anyone can handle it, you can!

  18. It's amazing how much we have in common - but I guess that's a writer's life. I've found my writer-friends list has grown immensely since I started writing. It must be the writer's bond.

  19. I relate to this so much!

    I to have packing for a book signing down to a science. And reading all those marketing books. And not watching movies at home anymore. And forgetting birthdays and special occasions. And spending all that time online. The list goes on and on!


  20. Beth and Jai, then we totally understand one another! LOL

  21. One thing that has changed for me since I became a serious, fully-committed writer is that I forget everything. I have to keep all I'm going to do in a calendar.

  22. I think it's not just that I need the day to be 40 hrs long, but since I started writing I swear I think that 24 hrs has shrunk. LOL.

    I spend a lot more time on the internet and a lot more time trying to organize all my little scraps of paper story ideas and post, interviews etc end up on before they get typed on the computer, because I tend to write on the go a lot.

  23. Boy, does writing ever change your life. My travels are even different now. Please note my signature and visit how I'm combing a great, relaxing, inspirational trip with my writing and, maybe, with YOU.
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson who is planning a Roman Retreat for writers in October,