Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strange Tale From the Bookshelf

Today's strange tale proves that fact is nuttier than fiction!

My book Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting is now available through Amazon UK. And a funny thing has occurred...

I was already aware that in the UK, 'spunk' has a juvenile slang term. (One USA bookstore refused to stock it for that very reason.)

However, a recent Google Alert tipped me off that something unusual was happening. While Amazon US only boasts a few reviews of my book, Amazon UK now has 23!

Yes, most are poking fun at the title. A couple people gave it one star, including one yahoo who was disappointed to receive a book on leadership. (Did he not read the title???)

But ironically, most are giving it five stars, and its Amazon ranking in sales is far higher than in the US.

To read some of these - Amazon UK

People are even blogging and tweeting about this! The Book Freak

I'm amused. I mean really, what am I going to do - cry? It's getting attention! And as my husband said, some of those readers might actually benefit from the book in the long run. (After they get over the fact it has nothing to do with sex, of course.)

What do you guys think about all this?


  1. Well dear, you know what they say, publicity is publicity, good or bad or funny. It's just like the Geico commercials, my hubby hates them, but he knows who makes them as do millions of other people...so revel in it. There are obviously people who are reading it and giving it a good review so you must be off and running over there...maybe a UK book tour isn't far behind??

  2. Well, who knew what it meant in Britain! I sure didn't. :) The important thing is that you have readers. And your title is getting attention!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Debbie, I'll gladly make a trip to the UK!

    And you're right, Elizabeth - it's getting attention!

  4. Any attention is GOOD attention! And mucho kudos on the new release!

    Marvin D Wilson

  5. Diane, the book is selling and getting read and getting talked about. What more could a girl ask for. Congratulations

  6. So, the "spunk" controversy continues to rage across the big pond! heh ... This totally cracks me up. I guess we know the secret to publicity without really trying, eh? I'm sure Brits everywhere are looking forward to "Son of Spunk."

  7. "Son of Spunk!" I like that, Mike.

  8. Congratulations on all the publicity you're getting, even if it is because the Brits seem to have their minds in the gutter. Hey, maybe you can do a sex therapy sequel.

  9. *snigger* I must admit being british although I am aware of the American useage of spunk it makes me smile every time I visit you. Yes I am juvenile. At the end of the day student humour will attract attention but most of us watch enough american TV and read enough books to understand the useage. Besides Fanny is soo much worse! ;)

  10. the reason spunk means what it does in England is the same as when North Americans say something has balls - so it is really the same as having enough "spunk" to do something. I like being a Canadian because sometimes we can translate Brits to Yanks and back the other way. Eh?

  11. Well, you learn something new every day! :) I think you should just enjoy the limelight and smile!

  12. This is hilarious! I'm glad that you can laugh at yourself - the reviews are good-natured, if crude. No malice, just a good laugh.

    It does make me wonder how repressed those poor fellows must be over there, though. I mean, 23 reviews all about the same thing? Wow.

  13. Too funny. Didn't I tell you when this spunky thing came up that it could work to your advantage. LOL. Controvery sells. So does sex. So does just plain naughty.

    Maybe the one guy needed some info on leadership. (-:
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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  14. Excellent. I have just stumbled across this blog post via a Google Alert. I was unaware the debate was ongoing. Than you for the back link.

    Well as one of the aforementioned Brits "with my mind in the gutter" I just wanted to clear up that I am not sexually repressed, I can count to ten and I do not suffer from a low IQ.

    I am sure if someone abroad published a book using an equally amusing North American slang term it would suffer a similar reaction.

    Besides I find this all rather fun. Don't you?

    I am the process of penning a follow up blog post to highlight the interesting furore.