Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo Tuesday - Christmas Tips

Today Rocko & Spunky would like to share with you some tips for enjoying the Christmas holidays...

Don't get tied up with decorations...

Make sure you've gotten every piece of candy out of the box...

Christmas morning, just dive right in!

Don't let anyone steal your gifts...

Don't let Santa box your ears!

And when it's all over, take a nap!

Merry Christmas from Rocko & Spunky!


  1. Such a cutie!

    I had a black cat growing up that I *loved*. They're so beautiful.

    Merry Christmas!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Very good advice from a cutie patootie :)

  3. Awesome pics. I want me a cat now more than ever after reading your posts with the darling feline pictures.

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. Your photos made me laugh. They also brought back fun memories of the days when I had cats.

  5. Sooo cute! My black cat looks a lot like that too with the green eyes. I love doing that thing where you push the ears back - it looks so funny lol.

  6. Thanks for the morning laugh! Those photos are precious!

  7. Aren't they just the greatest little critters? The new little furry in our home is into everything - it was a bit difficult but oh, so fun and FUNNY wrapping gifts with little Shadow having a blast with the paper, bows and boxes!

    Thanks for sharing such great pictures, and Merry Christmas to Rocko and Spunky too!

  8. Crystal, your first Christmas with Shadow will be such a joy!

    Stephen, nice to know other people think it's funny to pull back a cat's ears! (They look BALD, don't they?)

    Glad everyone enjoyed the photos!

  9. Love the pictures and advice- very solid advice-lol. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks to me like Rocko and Spunky are sweet kitties and deserve another fabulous Christmas with lots of wrapping paper.

    Straight From Hel

  11. Oh, gosh. This makes me sad that I haven't taken picutres of the mischief my Great Dane has occasionally gotten into. She looks so guilty. Unlike your Rocky and Spunko.

  12. Too cute! We just happen to have 5 little kittens who have been relegated to the laundry room (4 weeks old today). I'll have to get some Christmas pictures of them to post on my blog. Wish they were old enough to be Christmas kitties in someone's stocking :)