Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Thursday Excerpt - Joseph Sturm

I met Joseph on Deviant Art, where he is known as Mattiello Please welcome him today to The Thursday Excerpt!

Excerpt From Counting Clouds:

Commitment to The Road

Cracks upon the pavement
are stretched to their limit;
vioces break upon the ground –
the ground is tenasciously faltering –
and drivers are wont to fly.

Signs red – they mean go
and signs green –they mean both.
Does blood mean I go as well?
Do yellow signs warn of drivers
or are they headlights from a car?

Curbs crumble – rocks that sting
various faces on the road,
thrown by ignorant children –
and allow pidestrians to wander;
they can walk free again.

Green upon sidewalks –
nature reclaims and
people simply decline
and become human once more.
We bury our weapons.

Putty to fix the road -
voices that soothe the mind;
in retrospect, oil on pavement
that waits to sieze and throw,
the poor, cautious fool.

I keep my eyes on the horizon
and whistle tunes of the wind.
I see nothing different;
colors melt upon each other,
but I just follow the grey.

Book info

Counting clouds can be found on, Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, e-bay, and various other online retailers. Look for the e-book version to be available in December of ’09!

Counting Clouds is comprised of various pieces of poetry and short story which focus on hardships, morals, romance, exciting horror, philosophy, and common values in a serious calming manner. Become captivated as you read pieces like Want To, Life’s Rolls, Mirror symmetry, You Are A Rose, Serial Killer, and The Secrets of Statues. Contemplate your thoughts as your transverse a new world, painted in colors that only you will see and heard with music that only you will hear. Taste the enlightenment and feel the change.

About the author

Joseph L.M. Sturm spent parts of his childhood in South Central and Westren Pennsylvania. While in Foster care, he dwelved into the mystery of books, losing himself in fantasy, sience fiction, horror, and the classics. After his adoption in 2001, he experienced life in a wholly different aspect though his love for books was fueled ever more by his new-found parents. At the age of sixteen, Sturm began to write. While trying his hand at the ocasional short story satisfied him, he found his needs expressed by his poetry. While only a few select friends saw his work, their encouragement and genuine delight in his work enticed him to write more. And his love for writing grew; thus, the cycle had begun. While attending Mercersburg Academy ’07, a teacher of Sturm’s asked him a simple question after being shown one his many works: “Why haven’t you published yet?”

Joseph L.M. Sturm graduated from both Shalom Christian Academy ’06 and Mercersburg Academy ’07 and is currently working to acquire a Bachelor’s in English with an Anthropology minor.

As the Radio Show Host for, Sturm hosts workshop, provides tips on writing and publishing, and interviews writers such as Julie Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward, author of The Healing Patch, Karin Steyn, author of Pomp-In Jay Pomp, and Frederick O. Marsh, author of Social Kissing.

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  1. What a wonderful talent! And such a treat to see a fellow Deviant featured!

  2. Interesting! And thanks for featuring a poet--nice change of pace.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Very talented poet! I like poetry with multiple layered meaning and Joseph does it well. Thanks for the excerpt and lead.

    The Old Silly

  4. He's very active on Deviant Art, too.

  5. What an inspiring story this young man has, and such talent. Thanks for sharing, Diane.

  6. What a thought provoking poem and a talented author. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  7. What a talented young man! Counting Clouds sounds like a very interesting and eclectic book.