Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Thursday Excerpt - Connie Arnold

Today please welcome talented author and really sweet person, Connie Arnold!

"Abiding Hope and Love is my newest book, and the following is an excerpt from it:"

Abiding Hope and Love

When troubles and trials of life
Like winds are howling around,
A place that is quiet and sheltered
Is what needs to be found.

As in the hurricane’s eye
The destructive winds cease,
So also within the soul
Is a haven of calm and peace.

When the winds of fear and hatred
Rage and roar along their course,
Through prayer their strength is weakened,
As faith subdues their force.

There’s a safe, secure retreat,
A place down deep inside,
The center of life’s storms,
Where hope and love abide.

This poetry collection is filled with optimism, revealing hope and love that may be found throughout life. There are poems about hope, love, children, music, the Bible, and nature. Life is filled with difficulties and trials, and finding hope and love in your life can help you to overcome these problems and find peace in your life.

Connie Arnold is also the author of Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Tom, and they have two children and three small grandsons.
Connie lives with the daily challenges of lupus, and the pain and weakness it causes. She has found the source of hope and love in her life and desires to share it with you through these poems. A children's picture book has recently been accepted for publication.

Please visit Connie at her website - Connie Arnold


  1. What a wonderful poem to choose for the excerpt.

    Poetry is such a wonderful way to work through the emotional rollercoaster of daily life. Kudos to Connie for sharing her love and hope with others through her work.

  2. I'm familiar with Connie's poetry and find it beautiful and inspiring. Glad you're hosting her here, Diane. We can all use a dose of Connie's loving words.

  3. Loving inspiring thoughts AND poetry, what a great book to have on hand where you can just pick it up and read a poem or two.

  4. I'm working on being more optimisitic. This book looks like it might help with the quest. Thanks.

  5. Connie is just such a breath of fresh air!

  6. Congrats to Connie for her recent children's book acceptance! I can't wait to see it.

  7. Her poetry is sounds as though it would be very inspiring. Reading one of her poems each morning would be an excellent way to start the day...kind of like a Daily Devotional.

  8. Thank you, Diane, for sharing this today! I'm always pleased to share a little inspiration with others and offer some loving encouragement. Thanks to each of you taking time to stop by and read.

    Creative Chronicler, yes I agree that poetry helps with the emotional roller coaster of life!

    Thanks for your kind comment, Karen!

    Crystal Clear Proofing, yes that's one of the benefits of a poetry book, just picking one or two to read to get the inspiration you need for the day. Abiding Hope and Love has a table of contents, which helps find the right poem to fit the need of the day!

    Tara, hope you are successful in being more optimistic! I try to always look for the good things in life and write about them. It makes me feel better, as well as the reader!

    Christina, thank you, I'm excited about my new children's book, waiting to see what the illustrations will be like!

    Missy, you are stating what I've heard many others say about my poetry being like daily devotionals they read to begin their day on a positive note!

  9. Connie is one of my absolute favorite Christian/Inspirational poets.This post did not disappoint. Thanks, both of you!

    The Old Silly

  10. Thanks, Marvin!

    Appreciate all the nice comments and your sharing the excerpt, Diane!

  11. I'm so glad to see you feature a poet, Diane. Poets just don't get enough play these days, and this is a lovely, inspirational poem.
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Author of the multi award-winning chapbook of poetry Tracings,