Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet The Goobers!

No not the chocolate covered ones! Our two little trouble-makers, Rocko & Spunky.

Someone dumped them off in our neighborhood when they were just three months old. A trip to the vet and $300+ later, they came inside permanently. And it's been nothing but black fur and mischief ever since...
But I would like to showcase some of their talents! They are pretty amazing...

Rocko loves to sing and is a Kareoke natural. Should get her on American Idol.

Spunky is adept at attacking stuffed animals. Those plushies don't stand a chance, either!

Rocko has a special way with towels, including the ability to tie one into a complete pretzel.

Spunky also has a super power! When he hides anywhere, he turns invisible. Completely. You can't even see him, can you?

How about now?

If cat carpet-sliding were a sport, Rocko would be an Olympic champion! She can shimmy sideways across our living room in just three seconds...

So there you have it! Two uber-talented goobers.
Any other talented kitties out there?
And Spunky would like to express his thoughts on the laughter regarding his big ole' butt:

"You lookin' at me?"


  1. Oh, aren't the furries in our lives just a joy?? Rocko and Spunky sure seem adept at providing you with constant amusement! And where was Spunky?? You wrote about his super powers and ability to hide, but I didn't see anything in those pictures but a comic strip page in one and a cool-looking cat toy, or something in another!!! (MOL)

    (Love that expression -- "I know that can't see me! HA! Got them fooled!).

    Thanks for a fun way to start the day, Diane!

  2. Awww, SO adorable! And your pics capture their personalities perfectly!

    The Old Silly

  3. Love your cats - too cute! What would we do without our cats entertaining us? My three keep me in stitches! Thanks for sharing, Diane.

  4. Love the cat photos! You black cats are so very talented! :)

  5. They are a trip! And they add so much to my writing, at least in terms of fur on my keyboard.

  6. Truly, two remarkable cats. We used to have two cats, until we realized they had the amazing ability to swell my son's eyes and throat shut. Still love kitties though.

    Straight From Hel

  7. How cute! Thanks for sharing the photos of your talented kitties!

  8. So sorry you can't have cats anymore, Helen!

  9. Great photos! Love them. :)

  10. They are so cute! Love that karaoke picture...

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  11. I love that last pic! It's such a classic cat face.

    My Maggie is able to open up a can of Pounce by herself. She hugs the can with her front paws, pushes against it with her hind legs, and uses her teeth to get the plastic lid off. She taught herself how to do this when she was a kitten. She hasn't done it in awhile, though, cause I now buy the Pounce with the screw-on lid. :)

  12. Love the post and the cats. They remind me of mine!

    Chris C.

  13. I've never had cats. Dogs only. I can see I'm missing out!
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Blogging at Writer's Digest 101 Best Website picks

  14. I call my kids goobers. Isn't it interesting how pets impact our lives?

  15. Our pets ae just so precious! I worry about people who don't love animals.

    And Kitten, that's some talent!
    Hobbes used to open doors. If she could reach the handle, that door was coming open!