Sunday, July 05, 2009

Joni Lamb

Today I would like to welcome Joni Lamb, co-founder and vice president of Daystar.

Her story fascinated me and I had just one question for Joni:

What were your struggles starting the network, writing the book and how did those experiences change and cause you to grow?

I can honestly say that when posed with the opportunity to write a book that I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t realize the effect my life story would have on me as I relived past events, struggles, victories and heartfelt moments I would rehearse in the book. There have been tremendous struggles throughout our lives as we have endeavored to build that first Christian television station in Montgomery, Alabama to eventually some years later building and founding the Daystar Television Network in Dallas, Texas. Neither Marcus or I realized how difficult this process would be or we might have run the other direction. J I share in the book those early days when we were all alone with a dream from the Lord. A young married couple wanting to be used by the Lord to help others. We worked diligently doing everything from sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, building sets to answering telephones. Whatever needed doing, we did. I think of that scripture that says “despise not small beginnings”… It was indeed a small beginning but it was important for us because it was in those moments that character, faith and perseverance would be built along with an unwavering faith in God. That’s why I titled my book “Surrender All”… because it was only with the help and leading of God that anything was accomplished. What I learned in the process is how to surrender again and again. I learned that every day I must choose to love and forgive. I learned that if I don’t give up, that eventually I will overcome… of course, this is all tied to the One who created me. Without that crimson chord that connects me with my Heavenly Father, I would have been lost. The beautiful part of surrendering to your Creator is understanding that you are connected to the most powerful force in the Universe.. You are not alone and it is my greatest desire to convey that message to those who feel alone and have lost their hope. The most important responsibility I have is as a wife and mother and what changed in me the most while writing this book is realizing how important family is. They are more precious to me today than ever before so as I was writing, I realized the importance of balancing family, work and ministry.

A Larry Ross Communications is a full-service media and public relations agency focusing on bridging the gap between faith and culture. Joni Lamb is co-founder and vice president, along with her husband, President and CEO Marcus Lamb, of Daystar Television Network, the fastest growing Christian network in the world. She is executive producer and host of "JONI," a talk show addressing relevant Godly issues for today's complex problems, and co-hosts "Celebration" with Marcus. She released her debut book, "Surrender All," in late 2008. In addition, she is full-time wife to Marcus and mom to three children, which she considers her foremost and greatest accomplishment.


  1. "I realized the importance of balancing family, work and ministry." They have it right, it is a real balancing act, and they seem to have gotten it down.

    Thanks for the interview, Diane.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Appreciated this insightful post. And this-

    "I realized the importance of balancing family, work and ministry."

    So true dat! :)

    The Old Silly