Monday, July 20, 2009

Diana Black Discusses A New Breed of Woman

Please welcome today, Diana Black!

A New Breed of Woman: Diana Black Discusses
WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty

Woof woof woof woof woof?

Wait. Reminder to self: Not everyone speaks WOOF.

At times it seems that way, though, since the launch of WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty. At book clubs, signings and speaking events, there’s never a lack of ladies who share and understand the lingo.

Key topics like night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes and memory…uh, something, I forget…incite a flurry of conversation.

But occasionally I meet a woman and while I’m describing the book, she’ll look at me like, until then, she’d been lost in a desert. Finally an oasis—another woman who understands!

In our information saturated society it’s hard to fathom a middle-aged woman could ever feel alone and isolated. Impossible to log on the Internet, flip on the TV or read a magazine without encountering an explosion of menopausal material. (“Boomers” in every sense of the word!)

But media is, for some, too impersonal. Today, even with personalities like Oprah, Ellen and Diane Sawyer, there’s something about one middle-aged woman standing face-to-face with another 50+ woman that makes it more relatable. Our joys, sorrows and concerns are near to us. We’ve evolved little in that regard since those first grunts between women cooking up a mess of Tyrannosaurus rex. We still seek to communicate person-to-person.

All that said, we’ve also developed into a very private society. We hide behind email and caller ID, setting our boundaries and discouraging genuine personal contact. Would community Internet sites be better named “anti-social” networking? Is that the reason it’s easier for a woman to discuss with me, a perfect stranger, age-related issues?

Or could it be I’m an author who didn’t sign-up for the job until after 50? So it appears I have special powers. That I’m some expert. Or maybe, I’m just not afraid to admit to and talk about my age and all that it entails. Perhaps therein lies the bond.

My co-authors and I wrote WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty for ourselves. Three friends willing to openly share silly, serious and sisterly life experiences.

Naturally we hoped the book would catch on. Still, who honestly knew it would connect women across the world as well as the fence.

But, why shouldn’t a book do that? Why shouldn’t three intuitive, inventive and intriguing women make a difference? Throughout time women have been experts at reading between the lines, interpreting the unspoken word and using language in inventive and inspirational ways.

For example: Will you ever again hear Woof! without thinking of women embracing maturity—Women Only Over Fifty? -- Diana Black

Diana Black co-authored the humor book WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (Echelon Press) and co-developed the safety program, To School, To School in the Big Yellow Bus. She illustrated The Moose Who Lost Christmas and wrote and illustrated Wendel Wordsworth: No Words for Wendel (BevBruemmerBooks). A graduate of Indiana University, Black lives in Georgia.

WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (Echelon Press/ISBN: 978-1-59080-606-7)
By Diana Black, Mary Cunningham and Melinda Richarz BaileyNonfiction/Humor; 160 pages


Unknown said...

Major applause to these three women for coming out with a book such as this one! Just shy of "WOOF" I nonetheless am a part of this group of women, experiencing these transitional milestones in life. In my opinion, a must-read, and I thank Diane for once again bringing to attention another great book and author.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

This is a fun book. Now that I no longer have a five in my age, I hope they are working on one for women over 60!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I think this is a great idea. Besides, isn't 50 the new 40?

Mystery Writing is Murder

Unknown said...

Excellent observation Elizabeth! I believe you're absolutely correct!!

Marvin D Wilson said...

Sounds like a fun book. And the over 50 women who've kept themselves in good shape are sexy, my opinion. Plus smart and wise by then, too.

The Old Silly

Unknown said...

You're incredibly wise and insightful! We only get better! :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Glad everyone's excited.

And I'm not near fifty yet, darn it!

Unknown said...

Oh Diane you are too funny. I imagine you have quite wait yet, but - patience! You know how fast time flies! I only have a few months to go... lol!

Helen Ginger said...

This sounds like a fun book - and it's about time!

Straight From Hel

laughingwolf said...

methinks even guys like me can learn much from this book, thx ldw :)

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Well, now THIS title resonates. You know who might be interested?

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Diana Black said...

Thanks, Diane, for this great opportunity to connect with some great women AND men -- of all ages!

Truth be told, all three of the authors are now over 60, but we thought WOOS just didn't have the same appeal!

Now, let me check out what the rest of you are up to by following your comments to your sites, etc.

And remember: Ride with the wind in your face!

Diana (aka d.d.dawg)

Mary Cunningham said...

Great post, Diana and Diane! Naturally, we're hoping every woman (and even men, Marvin!) start speaking WOOF!

As Diana said, there is something empowering about age. I find it much easier to speak my mind without worrying about the ramifications. That may sometimes we bad (bad dog!), but at least I feel like I'm able to speak form my heart.

Mary (Milkbone)

Unknown said...

I followed the thread on this discussion, and I have to comment on Mary's comment. I agree completely - there IS something very empowering about age and "getting older." We have more confidence, aren't so concerned about what others may think about something we say or do, we feel more comfortable in our own skin, being who we are!

All around, it does just keep getting better! Oh wait, except for the aches and pains, and the wrinkles, and... oh heck! I earned every one of those lines around my eyes! It means I've smiled a lot!!! :)