Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Tuesday - Self-Esteem

How critical is self-esteem?

For each and every one of us, it determines how far we'll go in life.

"Our self-esteem is the deciding factor in whether we succeed or fail in life. It is an intangible possession of incredible power. What exactly is this internal force and what shapes its attributes?

"Self-esteem can be described as a sense of personal worth. It is self-respect, confidence, and genuine joy on the positive side and self-doubt, worthlessness, and unhappiness on the negative side. Our ability to handle situations and accomplish goals is determined by the amount of self-esteem we possess. At any given time, this can also fluctuate between sufficient amounts or serious deficiency...

"A good self-image is critical to long-term success. If we are to live a life filled with joy, achievement, and a sense of worth, we must cultivate a positive image of ourselves. Even if our lives were overwhelmed with negative contributions, we can raise our self-esteem. Once we recognize this fact and acknowledge the need and desire for improvement, we can begin to make the necessary changes.

"Beginning is half the battle. If your self-esteem resides in the negative, only you can make the decision to change that fact. Once you have opted to modify your self-image, you are ready to take the next step and start leading a life enriched with personal value, fulfillment, and genuine joy."

- from "Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting" by L. Diane Wolfe
* * *
I know where my self-esteem used to reside and it was one of my greatest struggles. What about you? Is your self-image where you want it to be? Do you possess the required confidence to accomplish your goals? Or are you still seeking that inner peace...?


  1. I'm generally a very positive and happy person but I still have a few occasions, now and then, when self-doubt rears it's ugly head. Beautiful photos, by the way.


  2. Great post and I totally agree. Low self-esteem is the bane of so many lost folks, wandering about trying to find direction and meaning. I am so fortunate to think highly enough of myself and believe in my abilities to achieve and accomplish things in life. While acting "self-less" is a virtue, thinking of others first in our actions and words, it should not be confused with low self esteem. We must love and care for ourselves first in order to be able to effectively love and care for others.

    The Old Silly