Monday, February 02, 2009

Book Divas and Update

I'm always on the prowl for great websites and recently discovered Book Divas -

This is a pretty interactive site, beyond just book reviews and interviews. They have an extensive forum/message board, videos, contests, writing tips and more. The information is updated very regularly, which makes the site seem fresh and new. And if there wasn't enough on the site, they also have a blog - . So for writers and readers of YA, this site is a MUST.

They also have a "DIVA of the Day" - and I was surprised to see the featured Diva for Monday was ME! My image is that of my upcoming YA release and it almost startled me to see it at the top!

I also remember a cool site called Fresh Fiction that was for romance and I'm sure there's many more out there for all the genres. Anybody got a favorite?

And in other news, one of my articles is featured over at The Literary Lynnch Pen blog:

This is one of those "Oh my, why did I agree to write that?" articles, but once I found my angle, it flowed rather easily.


  1. I checked out Book Divas and wholeheartedly agree with your recommendation. Very cool. Congrats, by the way, on all the great press you've been getting.

  2. You must be using great Google Alerts. It's the best for letting you know where one should be practicing the manners one's mothers taught us. LOL. And, I think Book Divas also tweets.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Tweeting at

  3. Hey - I know a DIVA! (smile) that's way cool - congrats!

  4. You're all over the place! Congratulations. That's wonderful.

    Helen Ginger

  5. Congrats Diva!!

  6. If you don't know how to use Google Alerts, it's easy.

    Go to Google and sign up or sign in (depending on whether you already have an account), then click on Alerts (usually located on the right hand side with all the other features. Type in your name, book and whatever else you want to monitor using quotation marks. If you don't use quotation marks you open yourself to getting every first name and/or last name that is the same as yours.

    I also use this to track my daughter and niece!

  7. Allyn, I do use several Google alerts...????

  8. That sounds awesome! Gonna go check them out; sounds legit. And if it's updated regularly, then I'm in; a lot of writing websites that I used to like just dyed. Sad. Thanks for the tip! :)

  9. Sorry to confuse, Diane! Didn't know if you did or didn't. Carolyn suggested you might be. But thought if you didn't, you'd want to know. And the thought others who read the blog might want to know.