Sunday, October 19, 2008

Book 'Em!!!

Back from another incredible time at the Waynesboro, VA Book 'Em Event!
The school visits were wonderful - so many eager kids! All of the teachers were awesome. Resa gave me a big hug at Shelburne Middle School and I found another vegan in Mary at Kate Collins Middle School. Several of the teachers and students came out to get my books, too.

The meet & greet Friday night was cool, because it was at a quaint bookstore/cafe that was so organic and natural in flavor. I got to spend some time talking with one of the owners and told her I wish there was a place like hers in my home town.

The panel discussion was interesting - my work is so hopelessly optimistic compared to most YA authors - but my solo talk that morning rocked!

My huband was wonderful all day, selling my books while I was gone. My buddy Trish (author p.m. terrell) asked if I could clone him....

Author and Officer Mark Kearney works so hard putting all of this together, too! Don't know how he does it.

And, they even made us a special cake:

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