Monday, September 01, 2008

Find a Mentor

From my upcoming release, "Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting":
In your quest for support and guidance, you would do well to cultivate a mentor. Select an individual who has traveled your path of choice and achieved success. This person can assist you in numerous ways, probably beyond what you dreamed possible. He can help formulate a plan, warn you of the pitfalls, provide encouragement, and introduce you to others of influence. Your chances for success increase dramatically with a mentor’s careful guidance. After all, would you prefer to go through the minefield alone or follow someone who can advise you where to step?

How does one find a mentor? They are not sold in stores, but potential mentors reside closer than you think! Begin by observing the leaders in your field. Is there someone in particular that you admire and can easily access? Approach this individual and ask for a moment of his time or perhaps take him to lunch. Express your admiration and respect before seeking his advice, or you will appear very self-serving. Your goal is to build a lasting relationship, not just pump that person for information. Your mentor may become one of your greatest ally and friend if you honor and revere him. And of course, follow his wisdom and advice!

Once you begin to achieve success, you will discover others now seeking your assistance. Just as you benefited from those in a position to help you, so you should be willing to extend your hand as well. Be willing to assist others up the ladder of success. Not only will you benefit from these relationships and further expand your network, you will also continue to learn in the role of teacher.

The days of apprenticeship, where a master taught his young pupil valuable skills in a trade or craft, are long gone. We have lost so many great benefits that were provided through such relationships. The impact of a mentor is very powerful, so do not falter in your quest to locate such an individual. His influence will create a lasting impact on your life and leave you enriched by his presence.
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Anonymous said...

Very good advice, dear :)

I did find your blog again - and linked it with my English blog version. Hope that is fine for you!

(dA "witchofnature")

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thank you, Tricia!!!!

Rowan said...

And I found yours through Tricia's. :)
Is it fine if I'll link from mine as well, although this one's German?

Xandra (dA sheeriethefay)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thank you for the link, Xandra!!