Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Friend, Stephany

One of my biggest fans is a young lady by the name of Stephany.

I happened to wander into her parent's place of business several years ago. In talking, I mentioned I was an author and they purchased a copy of LORI for Stephany. Not long after that, I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady in person. She was so excited about the series and has eagerly awaited each new installment. Stephany even test read one of the books for me and I named a character in MIKE after her!

I got a chance to see her again this weekend. As always, she was a delight! Not only is Stephany a fireball and so full of encouragement, but she is the sharpest, most mature young woman I know. Whatever she decides to do with her life, I know she will be incredibly successful!

Thanks for your support, Stephany! You keep me going!

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