Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Olympic Dreams

With the swimming trials taking place this past weekend, the Summer Olympics now loom closer than ever. The world will be watching people like Dara Torres, who just qualified for her fifth Olympics - at the age of 41! After researching swimming, both at the college and Olymoic level, for my first book, LORI, I can truly appreciate some of the struggles Dara has faced. My character also swam the 100 meter freestyle, (I pictured her Olympics occuring in 2004, though), and in two relays. Dara has since pulled out of the 100 and will compete in the 50 and 1-2 relays instead.

I will watch with eager anticipation as I remember my Olympic experience through Lori.

And I will cheer on the 41 year-old - she's only one year younger than me. Go Dara!!!

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