Thursday, July 24, 2008

Music Site You MUST Visit!

A little deviation from writing/author/publishing topics...

But I have a music website you have to check out!

Pandora is one of the downloadable APPs for the I-Phone/I-Touch - but it's also available on the Internet. Once you've registered and set it up (very quick and easy to do!), type in a band you really like and let it go! It plays a song from that band and then begins suggesting other bands you might like as well, playing songs one at a time. You can say you do or don't like it and Pandora remembers - and will gear its selection more to your liking! It is the wildest thing.

There's also a feature where if you like it, you can connect right to I-Tunes and buy it!

It's a great feature for discovering new bands! Plus you can just let it go and listen to the music. (I don't have an I-Touch like my husband's, but I have two computers, so I just set it up on the second one and let it go.)

Check it out -

I am really digging this!!!


ellastasia (Jessica M) said...

I'm totally into Pandora, and others should definitely know about this--I have about 5 different radio stations on there! :D

Chris said...

I've heard about this from a friend, forgot about it, have wanted to remember it, then I stumbled upon your blog! I'm going to check it out.

I'm also interested in navigating your blog some more. You should check mine out--it's about books, too. Click on my name above or go to

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Pandora is amazing! It's almost frightening how smart the system, too.
Perhaps they will pair up with XM so that you can access and listen to your channels there...