Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Seize Every Opportunity

Every chance you have to go somewhere new, meet new people, learn new things - go for it!

The past few days I have met some incredible people as I have been out teaching my seminars. I have learned so much from them!! I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. Every day provides a new one, and I always give it my all.

Are you giving every day your all?

* To feel alive, one must take risks! *


Louis r. danley said...

My wife and Jessica are enjoying your books. I also want to thank you for talking to me in Kennasville a couple weeks ago. I am on chapter 5 ok my book, and would like to know should I send the rought draft off when it's finished to be copy written or wait till I have an editted smooth copy? I am the one writing my life story. Thanks Ira aka Louis R. Danley

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hi Ira!

Glad you are enjoying the books.

If you have to send your book anywhere for editing, I would recommend copywriting the rough draft under a slightly different title if it would give you peace of mind. Once it is edited, you'll positively want to copyright it!