Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last Minute Author Answers!!

These come from author Dyan Garris!
Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.
For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. This means that she can help her clients via telephone, which is how she conducted her readings throughout her career.
Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. This is a thirty card deck of angel cards based upon scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy. Each hand illustrated card has its own channeled message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels. Free angel card readings are available on her main website. A journal is available separately as an integrative tool for use with the cards and a meditation journal is available for use with the CDs.


1- How do you know when a really long story is ready for submission to publishers? How can you tell if it’s good enough?
Your story is ready for submission to publishers when it’s thoroughly polished, like a brilliant diamond. It’s good enough when it’s the absolute best you can do.

2- I find it hard to prioritize my writing – got any tips or pointers?
Focus is key. It’s when we get taken off our center that we have challenges with focus and priorities. It isn’t enough to set a goal to write. You have to take the steps necessary to accomplish that goal. This means that you have to eliminate all of the excuses.

3- Have you any general tips or pointers for people wanting to get published? How do you decide which agent/publishing house/magazine to send your work?
There is a way to accomplish anything you want to accomplish. There are no limitations unless you believe there are. When deciding where to send your work, you need to do your homework. Send it to people that specialize in your genre and that you feel a resonance with.

4- When I’m writing, I often get distracted to the point I lose my focus. Does this happen to you and how do you avoid distractions?
As a clairvoyant counselor I focus for a living. In order to do a reading for someone I have to be able to focus effectively enough to hold the energy for a sustained period of time. I can focus to the point of having my teeth drilled without anesthetic. So, really I don’t totally understand distraction. But if you find yourself distracted, it’s probably because you don’t really want to do something. And if you don’t want to do something, there is probably some fear at the very base of that.

5- How do you write a catchy query letter? Exactly how important is the query letter and what aspects are vital to a good one?
I believe the query letter is the single most important tool to finding an agent or getting your work published. You have to be clear and concise, yet original and the passion you have for your project needs to translate. It needs to jump off the page.

6- Where do you get your inspiration?My inspiration comes from above and within. Everything I do is a co-creation. When my will is aligned with Universal will, the creativity just flows.

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