Friday, February 01, 2008

Your Life Will Change ...

One concern that I hear writers express is what becoming an author will do to their life.

I'll tell you right now, your life will change!

You will find yourself in the spotlight and may have to adjust how you conduct yourself in public. You will need to be more outgoing and accessible. You will have to learn to do interesting interviews and speak properly in front of a crowd.

You will be caught up in promotions! You will travel - a lot. There will be interviews, book signings, speaking engagements, book festivals ... You will spend many hours in front of your computer blogging, posting listings, searching for new ways to spread the word...

You will have to keep good records of your expenses and contacts. You will make phone calls and live by your calendar.

You will have to learn to balance your family life and perhaps involve them in the process. Housework may slide a little and hobbies put on the back burner.

Basically, the chaos becomes the balance if you do it right!

But to grow, you must change. To be alive means to take risks and try new things. So do not let the changes frighten you.

Welcome the new adventure you have begun!

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