Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Writing Opportunities

A writer should alwys stay on top of current events.

The Patriot's loss in the Super Bowl should supply ample opportunities. Writers with a background in football, strategies and psychology will be called upon for their expert opinion. There are endless angles to be taken based off of last night's game and the results!

Take advantage of it!


Mike Douglas said...

I think there's something that could (and will) be said about complanency. The Giants rumbled through the playoffs beating teams they had no business beating; they were the hungrier team in every instance.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

The Giants peaked at just the right time, too! Patriots were slowly losing steam at the wrong time.
Put those factors together and the winner becomes obvious.

On Amazon there was a book called "19-0: The Perfect Season" taking pre-orders. Hopefully it has since been pulled!

Mike Douglas said...

It was a good game, which Super Bowls sometimes aren't. On one level, it would have been fun if the Pats could have remained undefeated, but on the other hand I love a Cinderella team. They bring a lot of excitement to sports.

That's funny about the book. Kinda jumped the gun, didn't they?