Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cat’s Eye by Theresa Shreffler

One of the members of The Writer's Meow, an online writer's club I manage, just published her book!
Cat’s Eye by Theresa Shreffler

Summary: A noble girl, an assassin, and a soul-stealing necklace... what more could go wrong? Sora always dreamed of adventure, but not like this. After being kidnapped by an assassin, she finds herself dumped into a dangerous world of thieves, mercenaries, and magic. A vengeful sorcerer is hot on the assassin's heels, and thanks to her Cat's Eye necklace, it falls into Sora's hands to save the assassin's life. Unfortunately, her necklace has as much an appetite for souls as it does for magic, and it is becoming even more of a danger than the sorcerer that hunts them.
Now she must travel with an unlikely band of outlaws to discover the mysteries of the Cat's Eye, the secrets of her past, and how to destroy a man whose power is more than legendary.

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