Friday, January 18, 2008

Special Speaking Engagement

Speaking engagements are what really foot the bill for authors!

And I have to mention my speaking engagement from last night. This wasn't a seminar or anything - I had to talk for a whole on hour on myself! So in designing my talk, I'd decided to relate my books to the five keys of overcoming that I teach in my "Overcoming Obstacles With Spunk!" seminar. And I realized that I had unintentionally written each one with a definite key to overcoming theme! Usually I am my own worst critic, but I felt it really came together last night.
The attendees really seemed to enjoy themselves and I sold a lot of books. I kept hearing that these kinds of books - ones that have a positive storyline and good morals - are needed, especially for younger people. That reinforces the belief that I am on the right path! (Now if everyone out there who felt that way would just come out of the woodwork and buy a book, I'd be better positioned financially to continue, if you know what I mean!!)

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