Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Brittany Spears Drama

*Guest Blogger Today

"This woman just cannot keep herself out of the news!
"Brittany is being charged with a hit & run in a parking lot. And the really dumb thing - cameramen caught the whole thing on tape and posted it on the Internet! She hit a car, checked hers for damage, and drove off, all the while she was being filmed! Now she faces fines and a jail sentence because she was also driving without a license.
"Add this to her recent poor liveperformance (was it me, or did she just look drunk?), custody battle with her ex-husband and being ordered to take parenting classes and submit to random drug tests, the head shaving, rehab, etc. etc. etc. It's amazing how quickly a person can fall apart...
"Saddest part is her children, caught in the middle of all this and watching a poor mother in action. Trust me, it'll affect them forever. Why the courts haven't yanked her kids out of that situation, I'll never know...
"Some days, I hate editing news like this."
- James Sheppard, Junior Editor, Orlando Sentinel


  1. And so, the idiocy thickens. The best, the only thing that must happen is for those kids to go immediately to ex-hubby and out of harm's way. Leave Ms. Spears to the sad business of being whatever she's being.

    You know, this whole thing saddens me. I've never been a fan, I'm only familiar with one of B.S.'s songs, but I sensed a certain genuineness under all the glitz early on that I admired. Now that she's caught in this downward spiral, it's clear that all is lost unless she can manage a 180 degree about face, and that's obviously not forthcoming. Just get the children out of there, that's all I ask.

  2. "Amen to that! Give them a fighting chance. Not all of us can overcome bad parenting."
    - James