Friday, August 10, 2007

Barry Bonds

*Guest Blogger Today

"Unless you've been under a rock this week, you know that Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's homerun record. The media did not go as nuts as I thought they would, but you still couldn't miss the news.
"The media always claims that Bonds is reviled because of the Steroids scandal. That is true, but he's also disliked because he's a big jerk! Bonds is rude to the fans, to the media ... he is a terrible ambassador for the sport!
"On a happier note, A-Rod hit #500 this past weekend and is poised to eventually beat Bonds' record.
"Go A-Rod!"
- Sarah Gardner, wife of Broncos wide receiver, Matt Gardner


Mike Douglas said...

I've never been a Bonds fan, don't much care about anything he does. I'm glad he finally got the record though, maybe he'll go away now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, been waiting and hoping for the same thing! Now we can only watch A-Rod as he makes a slow run for the record as well.
REALLY hope he gets it, too!
- Sarah