Monday, July 30, 2007


*Guest blogger today

"Nascar used to be just a Southern sport.
"Now it's everywhere! (Which is cool.)
"Won't ever take the place of football, but it's one of the top four sports in America. Rednecks everywhere can rejoice!
"Of course, with progress comes setbacks. In order to accomodate the growing fans, Nascar now holds races all across the country. That means that many venues which originally supported Nascar now have to offer other forms of racing. Rockingham now focuses on drag racing as there are no longer Nascar events held there. Sad, but I guess that's the price that must be paid for its growing popularity.
"No matter what happens, though, Daytona will always reign as THE place to go for Nascar! And they will not let it go."
- Sarah Gardner, wife of Broncos receiver, Matt Gardner

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