Friday, July 06, 2007

Heat Wave!

Thank God for air conditioners!
Record highs are being set out West, including 127 in Death Valley. (Now that's hot!) We used to live in New Mexico, which could hit 100 easily during the summer, but it was a dry heat. Of course, once it's over 100, it doesn't really matter - it's hot & draining.
We're getting mid 90's this week here on the East Coast. The humidity is finally starting to kick in, too. (I never understood "heat index" until I moved east of the Rockies.) But it IS July, one of our hottest months, and to be expected. The heat forces people to either stay inside or head for the beach. (Which I never understood, as it's just as hot there and the warm, sticky salt water doesn't really cool off the bod.)
I'm hoping a lot of them go to a book store this weekend for their air conditioning!

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