Monday, July 09, 2007

Cloverfield, Ethan Haas & The Great Movie Mystery

For any of you who saw Transformers this past week, you saw one of the most amazing movie trailers ever.

It was for a JJ Abrams movie, as yet unnamed, being released next January. Won't bother describing it - go see for yourself -

Since then, the Internet is abuzz with this movie, working title "Cloverfield", and its connections to Ethan Haas. Rumours have it being "Voltron" or the next Godzilla movie, but the most convincing is the suggestion that the movie revolves around H.P. Lovecraft's monstrous Gods attacking Earth.

An article about it appears on USA Today:

There are several sites for Ethan Hass: Ethan Haas Was Right:

Ethan Haas Was Wrong:

And a site playing all of the Ethan Haas videos do you don't have to solve the puzzles:

In between all of this are various other sites about Ethan Haas & Cloverfield:

So check it out for yourself!
(And what I wouldn't give for this kind of Internet BUZZ!!!)

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